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Writing Memories of a Pre-Adult Killer [PG-13]


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From inside my thoughts
I have brought myself to
This thing in my mind that I have wrought
I should never have ventured
Through this darkness alone
My wife and children all too soon
Have left my life and this world through my hand
Should I stand Should I cry
Should I get on my knees Should I jump and fly
Loneliness the killer outside
Draws out my fear killing my insides
My trials have only begun
My love is over my care collapsed
Shower me with gifts of hate
Gifts of anger and retaliate
Your thoughts of retribution succomb
To your true anger let it be done
Now I have new family new friends
Now I have a clean slate no stains
My demon inside is ready to rise
I need not drugs to commit your demise
My mind demolished My love disappeared
Just promise me this My death to be swift
My color gone in this house of shit
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