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    • Sena
    • Hiruma
    • Kurita
    • Raimon
    • Shin
    • Otowara
    • Haruto
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I love you. Eyeshield 21 is a fantastic series, not only for football fans, but for comedy fans in general. I can honestly say that I've no interest in real American football games, but the sheer over-the-toppery and craziness of Eyehsield 21 is appealing to everyone.

The manga is even better than the anime in my opinion, but I still think the show did a pretty decent job with the transition from manga to anime. I absolutely love how Kurita turned out; his voice is so gentle and friendly, just what I had imagined him to sound like. I really like Hiruma in the anime too. His "YA-HA!" is very energetic.

One thing that turns me off a little are the colors. Sometimes, they just seem to clash, or they just don't look good in general. I can't stand how the school blazers are this teal-ish color.
As for favorite character...I think I'm going to have to choose Hiruma. It's a difficult decision too since so many characters in Eyeshield 21 are very lovable and relatable, but the humor that Hiruma provides the series is too much. He's what keeps the series going with his intereference and constant harassment of other team mates.

Eyeshield 21's a great series, and I'd really recommend both the manga and anime to anyone.
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