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Request original character avatar and pics request


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Hello, this is for someone who wouldn't mind making me alot of orginal character artwork. Could you please make me a picture and avatar of whatever pops into your head when you hear "[COLOR=Navy]Saphira[/COLOR]".

I would prefer it to be a [B]decently[/B] dressed [B]girl[/B] with [COLOR=Sienna]brown[/COLOR] or [COLOR=Navy]blue[/COLOR] hair. If you would like to add animal parts, cat ears and/or tail and butterfly or bird wings are fine. Anything else please consult me first.

I would also like a picture of her dressed up in a lion suit as leo, since that is my Zodiac sign. This picture dosen't have to be done untill July so I won't mind if you don't do it right away.

If you are still willing to do this I would also [B]like[/B] some pictures of her at diffrent sesons and holidays (ex. winter and Christmas). These again don't have to be done all at once you can what untill that time of year to give it to me and i will still love you for it.

Thank you so much *smile*
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