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Pocky in stores


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These types of threads degenerate fairly quickly. The types of posts we like to see on the OtakuBoards are ones that will generate quality discussions, the "where can I find" threads do not meet that criteria. This type of question would be best put as a note in your signature so people can PM you with an answer. As it stands now people will either answer: Yes I know or Nope. There is no conversation value in this thread.

If someone has a suggestion of where to look they can PM you with their answer. Since there is no conversation value in this thread and those with answers can PM you, I am going to lock this thread.

I suggest that you look through past post for examples of both what is acceptable and what is not for threads on the OtakuBoards. Please feel free to PM me or any of the other moderators if you have any questions. Thanks.

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