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Request Mando Diao Banner/Avi request


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I was wondering I could have a banner and avi of the band Mando Diao.

I would prefer this [b][url=http://www.mando-diao.com/img/gallery/The%20new%20Mando.jpg]one[/url][/b] as the banner, with the words "Down in the Past" on the top left.

As the avatar, I would like [b][url=http://www.mando-diao.com/img/gallery/DSC08106%5B1%5D.JPG]this[/url][/b] picture. Just a plain avatar would be fine, no text please.

Thank you in advance. Also, if you can't really work with those pictures, [b][url=http://www.mando-diao.com/en/]their[/url][/b] site has alot more under "Gallery".
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[size=1]I'm a little confused as to how such a designer-friendly request would be passed by like this. I guess it's better late than never, though.


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