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RPG Neon Striker: Fate [M-VLS]


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[SIZE=1] Sho walked down the ally way near his house. School had just gotten out as the day was the fairest all week. A normal 14 year old boy would be hanging out with his friends at the mall after school, but he had a job at home to do. Watch over his grandmother. Grandma had been sick for 2 months, showing no clue of getting better. The doctors don?t know what this disease is and said to just care for her at home. Since it?s only them, he has to take care for her. He easily opened the back door, not to wake grandmother doing her afternoon naps. He settled his bag on the couch as he turned on the tv. Immediately a I siren sound came from the tv.
?We have visual contact on the unknown machine that is attacking downtown Tokyo right now.? Sho took a seat on the closest chair to the tv. Sho just stared at what is left of middle Tokyo. Machine? No, it was more like a it. A large red figure assaulted a large building. From it?s chest part, it shot a bright beam that blind the camera for a minute. Sho himself had to turn away of the brightness. After it settled, a path of more destroyed buildings was shown to the monster. Tokyo wasn?t that far from where they lived. He bounced up and looked from the porch. A black cloud from the blast cover Tokyo. Sho need to act. He hurried inside the house to wake grandmother. She was sound asleep, but awake quietly from Sho?s pushing.
?Grandmother, we need to leave. Tokyo is being attacked!? She coughed violently. Sho knew that grandmother didn?t hear a word he said. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep.
?Dammit.? He ran back outside to see people start to run from their houses nearby. He didn?t know what to do, even with help, his grandmother was in no condition to move from the bed. Though he had to try. He ran into the ally to hear the police sirens coming by. They would surely help him. He ran into the road and raised his hands in the air. A police car that was speeding at him, slowed down at Sho?s appearance. A police officer jumped out of his car and grabbed Sho?s wrist.
?What the hell you still doing here?! That thing is almost here!!?
?My grandmother! She?s inside and very sick to be moved!!? He started to resist, which the police officer had enough. He called over his partner, which he stepped out and hit Sho with a night stick. He blacked out on the street.

Sho awoke in someone?s lap. He jumped up, startled to his new surroundings. A woman, maybe in her 30s was sitting on a bench near a lot of other people.
?Thank god, your awake. I thought they where dumping a dead boy on me.?
?Where am I? Where is grandmother??
?Your in the waiting room of a secret base of the government. After Tokyo was destroyed, they placed us here.? She pointed above her to a tv set hanging from the ceiling. Mountains of flames burned through what was left of Tokyo. He fell to his knees, not for his city, but for what was destroyed.
?...Grand-mother.? tears came streaming down his face as the doors of the waiting room open. Soldiers of the government came in, releasing the people into a large hall. The woman came towards Sho, but he glared her down when she reached a hand for him. She didn?t look twice as she left into the halls. He finally followed, but went left in the hall instead right with the crowd. The soldiers didn?t seem notice. Sho knew that the crowd was heading to some-kind of ship to take them out fo the country. He walked down the empty halls, until he spotted through the window what he was searching for. A weapon. There was many people that seemed to be working on the giant robot. Sho got down low as he continued to walk down the hall. He didn?t want to be seen through the window, walking around in a secret base. He took a right that lead to a elevator. It seem that they needed soldiers either escorting the people out of the area or fighting the beast. He pulled the lever for the elevator as it began it?s journey up. Some people would say why he was doing such a thing. To fight a monster for revenge? His grandmother was closer to him then anything in the world. It was more then revenge. He rolled into the elevator and pulled the level again. The elevator stopped at the base as he jumped onto a bridge that lead towards the middle of the robot. A man working on the bridge controls, spotted him.
?What are you doing here?! The people are suppose to be boarding the planes by now.? he began to walk towards Sho. Sho didn?t hesitate as he tackled the man to the ground and ran towards the robot center.
?What the hell??!! Hey, you can?t go that way!! Help!!? People around him stopped what they did and chased after Sho. He leaped inside the cockpit and closed the door. The workers bang on the door as Sho took a seat. He looked around for the big button or the ?on? one. He finally found the button on his right as a computer in front of him turned on.
?Systems on, battery energy at 100% full.? Sho gripped the controls right by his hands as the computer asked him a simple question.
?Ready to launch??
?Hell ya.?

The hardest part of controlling a giant robot was walking. He didn?t know what he was thinking, going through all this trouble and not know what to do. Messages from the government officials, but Sho canceled every single one. The giant robot was amazing to look like in the window, so Sho thought it would be the government?s strongest weapon. It was painted white with a black cape from the back. It look like a knight to Sho. He started off slow, following the computer?s directions. Soon the computer started to get warning ratings.
?Warning! Warning! Unknown object heading this way from the north. Showing Image.? Sho flared with anger at the sight of the monster. It was like a zombie, walking towards him.
?I will rip you apart!!!? He pushed the controls forward as he headed at the beast. The zombie pulled back it?s arm and slammed right in the head of the robot. Sho cried as he was hit again and again. The cockpit began to blink in red.
?Warning! Shield power is running low!? The monster showed no clue of stopping it?s assault. Sho gripped the controls tightly as he was thrashed again and again. Visions of grandma went through his head as a beam of light was shown on the computer.
?Oh my god.? He cried as he blacked out again. Sho awake again, breathing deeply. He was in a field of grass, the sun brightly shining on him. He saw his grandmother, looking great like she was long ago over him.
?Life is something not to waste, Sho. I am in a better place now, do not join me right now. Live life by the fullest. Live.? Everything disappeared.
Sho opened his eyes, ready for anything. He pulled the controls to make the white knight robot raise as he stared at the monster, who didn?t move an inch from last time.
?I Will Kill You!!!? He roared as he attacked the monster, bashing the monster?s head in. He kicked the beast down to the ground as Sho pulled back.
?Knight mode.? The robot pulled out a black sword from the right side as the monster tried to get up.
?You ruined my life. You killed my grandmother. Rest in hell!!? He cried as he charged the enemy with full force, striking the monster in the heart. The enemy monster looked down, and cried. It exploded as Sho turned back. He breathed heavily as he relaxed alittle.
?I...did it.?

Sho sat silently in the dark room as he waited the government official. The door opened as Sho didn?t make a move. The official took a seat as he scanned through a file.
?You sneak around a government base, assaulted a worker, stole a weapon from the government, and destroyed half of a the base, fighting that demon.? Sho bowed his head, knowing that he was in deep trouble.
?Yet you destroyed the demon and saved the whole country from destruction. That?s got to count. Your moves where unreal, better then our test pilots. No one seemed to bring the full potential from the computer, knight mode. You will be offer two options here.? He got up and walked around the table. ?One, you can do you time, which is like around 40 years. Or two, work for us. Fight against these demons.?
?There?s more??
?Yes, but we can?t beat them with normal weapons. We need people like you. Well, what will it be?? Sho stared at the table surface. He had nothing left, no family, no money, nothing.
?...yes, I will stay and help.?

The government had supplied him a room to stay in that night as the prepared everyone for the air trip towards a special base, in north Asia. The guard that was taking him to his chambers seemed tensed, as if he had something on his mind. He looked as if he would stop and cry himself to death in front of him. They took a right into a narrow hall that sort of gave Sho the creeps. They stopped mid-way at E201.
?Okay, here?s your room. The plane leaves at seven in the morning tomorrow, a guide will pick you up.? He handed him a key card as he walked away. He stared at the card for the longest time and then at the door. He never stayed by himself before. Sho stood there, just staring at the door. Should he go in?
?Hello, my I help you?? a maid in the base peered through the hall as Sho got spooked.
?Um, no ma?am. I got it covered.? She smiled and gave a short nod as she left for the other hall. He scanned the card as the door handle beeped. The room was very dark before Sho turned on the lights. It was small, had a queen size bed on the left with a tv hanging in the far right corner. He shut the door behind him as he looked around the room one more time. Going to be here for a whole night by himself. He went over to the bed and literally fell on the cozy bed surface. It seemed like he could rest on the bed forever. He looked around the small room and spotted the remote on the desktop next to the bed. He wiggled over and snatched the remote to turn on the tv. It blink as news reporter was shown. Behind him was a glimpse of down town Tokyo.
?As you see behind me, Tokyo is completely destroyed and doesn?t seem that rebuilding period will start anytime soon. People are still confused on what did this, people say that it was a message from god, yet others say it was a demon. Whatever it was, it wiped out Tokyo and is said that has killed around a million. Yet, more of peoples lives where saved when a unknown weapon of the governments, some sort of a robot took on this demon. The demon was finally put to a rest as scientists are now looking through the scan layer of this monster and find out where it is from. This is Toto Matsui, reporting my last report for Tokyo news. Goodnight.? Sho switched off the tv as he laid on his back. A million people, died because of this thing, including grandma. Hot tears ran down his temples as he switched over to his side and huddled into a ball. He hated to live alone already.
Sho got off the plane that morning, waiting for a giant building full of weapons, but nothing but a small building stationed near the mountain. He followed the guide in as it began to rain. The guide turn to him as they appraoched inside.
"Alright, Sho this is it. Take that elavator to the bottom level and they'll be waiting to give you a tour." He tipped his black hat and left Sho. Sho walked to the yellow metal elavator and pushed the buttom for the bottom level. It paused for a second and gently began its route down. As it began to slow down, Sho stepped out and stood in front of a woman who smiled at him.
"Good morning, Sho. I am Miranda. I am co-commander of this base." He looked around. It was a tunnel that stretch far into the darkness.
"Alright." She nodded as they walked down the dark tunnel until they finally reached the light. He gasped at what he saw. A large room full of high-tech equipment and scientists/workers moving all over the place. It was amazing.
"I'm sure your members of the group will arrive sortly."

OOC: Okay, Sho has just arrived to the base. You must go greet him and then the fun will start. [/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Yuuko came in the command center holding a disk. She walked up to one of the workers and gave him the desk with strict instructions. "Insert all the info in this disk into the Knight. This happens to enhance the robot accuracy just by a bit. Since the accuracy of that Lucifer sucked compared to others, Father decided to enhance it for the new pilot.Now with these beauty it be just like the rest. Make sure no character is miss type or un typed because it is vital importance." Yuuko said and laid it on the workers desk. The worker shook his head and did as he was told. He thought how she dared tell him what to do when he knew it already. He stood shut because she was the top scientist daughter.
"Yuuko you're here, good. I need you to greet the new pilot. You know the one that pilot the knight and defeated the demons without no training" Miranda said to her. Yuuko gave her a glared.
"Yes Ma'am..." Yuuko said and followed Miranda to meet him.
"Yuuko this is Sho. Sho this is Yuuko she is the pilot of Odin and the creater of the Lucifer's daughter." She said with a cheerful smile
"Nice to meet you.." Yuuko said not looking at him and bowed. She finally looked up and saw how Sho looked.
"What! His the pilot?! Look his so puny! Did he even hit puberty yet? I have to work him? Lord..." Yuuko said and glared at Sho. It was bad enough the praise they were giving him but he was younger then her too. These is the worst day of her life.
"Be nice Yuuko...you don't want make enemies especially when there co-workers. They won't get your back when your in big trouble in the battle field." Yuuko's father said walking toward them.
"Uh..yes father.." Yuuko stood shut and looked at the ground. She only looked up to give Sho a cold glare time to time.
"You must be Sho? The new pilot..." He grinned at Sho
"Yes he is Sir. Ohh yes Sho, this is Mr.Uzamaki. He developed the Lucifers" Miranda told Sho
" Father I be working on Lucifer Odin okay? Just a few adjustments to him to make him more agile." Yuuko said and walked away, yet without giving Sho a final glare goodbye.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Sho bowed his head as Yuuko left. This was his start of his new live and it was looking pretty bad. Ms. Miranda turned to him nd liad her hand on his shoulder.
"Don't worry, Sho. She's like that. Now we need you to put up your stuff and get suited." The creator smiled as he bowed and left.
"Suited? For what?"
"We need to take some tests before you can start getting into live action. Nothing big." She looked around and found what she was looking for. She pointed ot the left corner that turned into a hall.
"Go through there and go into the men's pilot locker room. Just find your name and leave your stuff in your locker. Dress in the suit in there and report back here." She smiled and left ot another desk. Alone...Again
He walked through the bright white hall and spotted the men's locker room. It didn't take that long to find his name. It was the only locker with a name. He opened it up and looked at the cloths. A white suit with black stripes on the shoulders, like the Lucifer he pilot. He threw his stuff in the locker and suited up. The suit was tight, but it fit on perfectly. He left the hall and was greeted by Miranda again. She smiled to see him in a suit. he blushed as she led him to another elevator. This elvator took them to a much larger room full of space. He gasped at the sight of the Lucifer. The one he pilot.
"Welcome to the training center. And right by us is the one you defeated the demon with. Lucifer Knight." They approached the Lucifer as Sho was still in shock.
"Now, go up and get in. You will now battle another Lucifer."
"Who?" He whispered as he turned to the yellow ladder that laid over the robot. She smiled, alittle evil in it.
"Yuuko, of course."[/SIZE]
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[color=#CC9933][SIZE=1]Yuuko sat inside her Lucifer typing furiously. She needed to adjust the agility of her Lucifer. She notice in battles her Lucifer speed have decreased by 0.002%. Yet it might be slight she rather not take any chances.Yuuko sighed as she pressed enter. She open the cock pit and climbed out of Odin.
"Yuuko i suggest you get back in there..." One of the workers told her
"Why?" Yuuko glared
"Well you be fighting the new boy..."
"REALLY?" Yuuko said cheerfully and turned around to look at the head of her robot. She did the most evilest grin you can imaging. Now she can finally put this bastard Sho in his place.
"Okay...I have no problem at all..." Yuuko said still having the evil smirk. She climbed back up to her Lucifer. Oh her beautiful Odin how he crush that Sho. She couldn't wait to see Sho in the emergency room his hair turned white because he couldn't stand the awsome power of her Lucifer. Now to set the record straight not to sneek into a Lucifer without the proper training. She put work and sweat into her Lucifer. She trained day in and day out to be a pilot even when her father didn't permit her. She wasn't going to let some twerp get a Lucifer because he had luck. He had not suffered as much as her to get this Lucifer. Untill Sho shows her he deserved it she going to beat him to a pulp untill he finally take the hint.
"Okay enjoy the training Yuuko..." Somone scremed from outside
"Ohh yes i will..." Yuuko said havinga devilish smile[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Sho stared at the Odin Lucifer. One day and he's back in this thing. He gripped the controls as he could hear Yuuko's voice over the intercom.
"Time to send you back to your mama, ass clown!" Sho growled as she was really pissing him off. She attacked first, going from left to right with alot of speed. Sho pushed forward as The Lucifer Knight went forward. What should he do? He never remembered how to attack. The Odin pulled out a sword and attacked very quickly as Sho hold on to the controls from the hellish hits he was taking.
"This is just like hitting a training doll!! It ain't doing nothing!" It backed off as it ran off to the left corner. Sho breathed heavily over himself as the impacts was shaking him up abit.
"Warning! Aproaching long-range attack."
"What?" He said, but was cut off as he cried as something hit the cockpit hard. The pressure of the impact felt like getting beat up by every boy in his school. He cried as the robot went down to it's knees.
"Yuuko!! You know not to snip at the cockpit area!!" It was Ms. Miranda's voice as Yuuko laughed. Sho wiped the tears away as the pain was too much to bear.
"Oh boy, look what I did. Made the little boy cry. Go back to Tokyo! Oh wait, I forgot its destroyed!!" He laughed as Sho stared at the computer screen over to the Odin. He growled as he moved the control up.
"Lucifer Knight going into Knight mode." Sho didn't care, he wanted to shut that girl up. The Lucifer pulled out the giant black blade as Sho stared down Odin. It felt like the encounter with the Demon once again[/SIZE]
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[color=#CC9933][SIZE=1]"Crap! You didn't say he can activate the Knight mode so freely. I thought this training session you can't use your mode" Yuuko said as she try to dodge a hit from Sho's Lucifer
"Well I think you got him pissed. Knight mode is activated by rage" Miranda told her over the intercom
"I KNOW! Remeber I'm the one who had to type in that data..." Yuuko said. Crap no she really pissed him off. She pissed him off so much that his anger meter was full. Crud these twerp needed anger management.
"You should have no shot the cockpit.." Miranda told her. Yuuko mocked her shaking her head. Yuuko moved away from Sho. She tried doing a long range attack since it was too dangerous to try a head on one. She placed her hand on the control and aimed slowly as Knight came toward her. She had a full lock and waited untill he got a bit closer.
"3..." Yuuo counted
"Don't dare shoot the cock pit!" Miranda yelled
"1.." Yuuko shoot rifle hitting the Lucifer just above the cockpit. Hopefully that just stopped Sho for a minute to regain sense.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1] Sho felt the impact as it went straight into his head. He roared as the cockpit shook violently. The Lucifer lost control as it fell to the metal ground as the computer turned off. The communcation link was still on though. Sho was in a trance as he stared in the darkness of the pit.
"Dammit Yuuko! He could have killed him!"
"I wish I did! Though I would get charged with murder."
"Get a medical team out there. Yuuko, get out!"
"Fine!!" The Odin started to walk back.
"Grandma..." Visions of that hellish battle between the demon broke out in his mind as everything in the cockpit turned to life.
"Son of a bitch! Sho's anger level is rising again! Someone turn off the main power of the Knight!" The Lucifer got up, stilling holding its black sword.
"We can't turn it off!"
"Why not?!!"
"Because its already off!!"
"Oh is that possible??!! Yuuko, get out of there!!"[/SIZE]
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[color=#CC9933][SIZE=1]Yuuko paniced fear showing. She doesn't remember typing anything about the Lucifers able to use the modes after it was shut off. The fact that it can even do that scared her. Yet she had a hint of exictment. These was just wonderful, how the Lucifers can use there modes this way. Her fathers invention was more wonderful then she thought and she fell in love with the Lucifers even more. She had to try it sometime.
Yuuko thought it was no time to stand in awe and stare at it. She needed she get out. She find another chance to defeat him when the Lucifer wasn't acting up. Odin took on big blow from The Knights sword. Yuuko quickly blocked it with her own sword. In Yuuko's amazement her sword was cracking. These made Yuuko interested in the little boy. He can use the Lucifer pretty well, yet she still thought he needed to be trained. She still hated him of course.
"Okay now this is getting tired..." Yuuko said and back up Odin. She shot the Knight Lucifer in the right knee making it fall. The knight seemed not to get up and no movement what so ever.
"Yuuko i think you stopped it...cockpit seems to be opening. Go check on him.." Miranda said
"Do i have too?"
"YES!" Miranda yelled. Yuuko moaned and got out of Odin. She walked up to the laid down Knight. She open the cock pit and looked inside. Sho seemed to be badly hurt. He seemed to have lossed consciousness. Yuuko nervously grinnned as she though she did went to beast on him. He was after all a begginer. Yuuko took him away from the cock pit and carried him on her back. Luckily he didn't weigh much for a 14 year old boy.
"The devil does have a heart.." Miranda grinned as she saw yuuko carry Sho.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Naoko ran down the hall ways of the base. She kept checking her watch.

"Damn it im late! they will have probably started without me..."

Naoko enterd the viewing area and stood next to miranda just as she got there Yuuko enterd and left carring the boy.

"what happend Miranda, what'd i miss??" They both shook hands

"Yuuko and Sho had a little training...by the way. Where have you been?!"

Naoko looked away

"Business" Miranda smiled questonly at her, the two had been good friends for quite awhile.

"Right... is this the busines that your not at liberty to tell me ?" Naoko smiled

"Right thats the one" Miranda went to walk out of the room

"oh and before i go, i want you there when sho wakes up" Naoko looked at her funny

"what why ?"

"get to know him better you will be spending alot of combat time with him and youll need to work as a team"

"Miranda, theres no Team in SNIPER, hes just a kid" Miranda looked at her

"last time i checked so were you"

"Ha Ha very funny"

Miranda left the room, Naoko looked over at the stats on the computer screens

"well well, looks like Sho put up quite a fight aganst Yuuko, impressive.."

Naoko left the room and headed for the infirmary.

OCC, sorry i havent posted sooner, if this doesnt fit in or u want it changed PM me.
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[color=#CC9933][SIZE=1]Yuuko droped Sho in the medical room bed roughly. She cracked her neck feeling tense. He might not weight alot but god damn you had to give her some slack. Yuuko wasn't very happy of taking to the medical room. She should have let him inside the cock pit and make the Knight explode. Yuuko then thought of the murder charges. She thought she was too young and beautiful to go to jail.

Yuuko stared at Sho as he laid in th bed. If it wasn't for that Knight Mode he wouldn't have stood a chance against her. They Knight mode bassically saved his pathetic life. Why would they want this boy with no skill? The very thought of him stealing that Lucifer and piloting it made Yuuko angry. All he had was raw talent. Yuuko had to work hard to get her Lucifer and learn how to pilot it. He came so easy for him. Yuuko hnad turned into a fist. Anger was rolling inside her. She god damn hated Sho. If there weren't security cameras she would punch him in his state right now.

Yuuko sighed trying to calm herself down. She sat on the bed next to his. She crossed her and sat there wating for the doctor. She checked her watch "How long does it take for a doctor to come!" Yuuko yelled. Doctors just made patients wait to show there importance. She looked at a desk near her and saw a marker. A evil grin appeared on Yuuko's face. She opened the marker and started to draw on Sho's face. She gave him a mustache, swirly lines all around his face, and darkened his eyebrows with her marker. She smiled at her finish product. Wow how funny he looked. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Naoko walked into the Medical Room just as Yuuko finished drawing on Sho's face.

"Hey Yuuko!" Naoko had only greeted Yuuko a few times around the base before in passing so they didn?t know each other to well but well enough. Yuuko turned with the marker behind her back and gave Naoko a mischievous grin.

"Hello Naoko, by the way YOU were late this morning. If you had bothered to show up on time I wouldn't have had to fight the stupid brat" She pointed at Sho angrily

"yeah well...I had ..."

Yuuko finished Naoko?s sentence for her "Business I know...look you stay with him i have work to do on the Lucifer's" Yuuko got up and walked out of the room leaving Naoko with Sho.

Naoko walked up to Sho and sat down beside him she looked him over and spoke out loud to her self.

"Wow Yuuko beat him up pretty bad..." It was then that Naoko realized what Yuuko was doing when she walked in. She had drawn all over Sho's face. Naoko couldn't help but burst out in laughter at what Yuuko had done. Sure it was mean but it was damn funny. Naoko grabbed a cloth, wet it with water and cleaned up Sho's face while laughing to her self. If the doctor arrived and sho still had a funny face they would think that Naoko did it. She cleaned up Sho, pulled up a stool and waited for the doctor to arrive to fix sho.

She had a good laugh to her self while she waited, with all the seriousness of the past few days she needed a good laugh. The doctor arrived 15 minutes later and checked Sho. He didn?t have any major wounds only a few deep cuts, scratches and bruises. The Doc bandaged Sho gave him some pain killers and told Naoko to wait there until he woke up in which case she was to take him to his room to let him rest. Naoko pulled up her chair again and waited for Sho to wake up.
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[color=#CC9933][SIZE=1]Yuuko sat on the Lucifer Knight inserting data. Yet as she was typing she wondered something that was bothering. How did the Lucifer just walk when the computer system was complety turned off. Yuuko finish typing in the accuracy data and started to scan the info on the Lucifer. She found nothing that indicated a virus or system failure. Yuuko stared at the computer for a long time amazed. She didn't know what happen to Knight. Then how the hell did that boy even got up? Crossed wires? Maybe she activated something when she hit the cock pit?

Yuuko sighed and turned of her cd player. Music always kept her at peace when fustrated or stress. It also was good working music when she typed in the data. Yuuko got out of the Lucifer and started to climb down.

"Ohh Yuuko there you are! How is Sho doing? Is he alright?" Miranda said as Yuuko climbed down. Yuuko froze and thought back. Ohh yes the little asshole was still in the medical room. She then thought what she did to Sho's face.

"Umm..I don't really know. I left before the doctor came. I left him with Naoko...ha,ha..." Yuuko said in a nervous smile and laugh.

"Ohh...wait what did you do?"

"What do you mean Ma'am..."

"You did something to Sho didn't you. I'll find out sooner or later. For real Yuuko I have no idea why you hate that boy. He seemed to do nothing to you at all..."

"One he was born, two he got inside the cock pit..." Yuuko said under her breath.

"Don't worry he be fine I guess..." Yuuko told Miranda and came down. "Now if you excuse me I have work to do with Lucifer Archer..." [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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