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hitokiri battosai

What do you think about school?

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I hate school. I hate it with a passion. The only thing I like is seeing Korey...and the fact that I don't see Violet all the time. And that I get to see Mari and a few other more important people. And I like step (well, I like practicing at home more than going to the class because I feel really slow and incompetent), and English class. Other than those few things, I hate school. I hate Alma and Pablo, the security people. They always try to get me in trouble for my piercing, even when I had a completely clear retainer with a clear o-ring (as opposed to the retainer with the black o-ring that I'm wearing right now). And they always try to get me for my pants. I have 7 bondage straps on my pants, and they also weigh 3 pounds. There is NO rule about cloth bondage straps, only chains. But they still try to get me in trouble. And the administrators and staff hates me because I don't take their b.s. I know when they're feeding me a line of crap. They've drug tested me twice in the past, w/o calling my parents to get their consent (which is a district rule), and w/o plausible cause, only that my eyes were red and I looked sick and depressed. And they said that they were checking because of kids getting food poisoning. I know the damn difference between a sobriety test and checking to see if someone is sick.

See? School sucks.

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