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  1. I took this first photo in Damascus, MD. My family and I were at our most favorite soft serve ice cream place, Jimmie Cone. My brother wanted a pic of him trying to eat the mural, and it came out pretty good. I personally think it looks like he was actually going to eat the mural. I'm thinking about sending this one to Jimmie Cone, as an idea for an ad or something. The second one is a photo in which my hubby and I were the "models" for. My father in law took the picture, just snapping shots of us on the 2nd floor of the carousel. When I saw the pics, I picked this one out as the one I loved the most.
  2. Ok, my house is a zoo. I have one pet of my own. She's a cat and her name is Kirara. She's petite and very fluffy. When she wakes up, she's very peeky-eyed. My sister has a cat named Blue, for her marvelous eyes. Blue was neglected by her former owner, so she tends to growl when picked up. My brother has a rat (ew!) named Coco. It's gray. My mom has a cat and two dogs. Her cat's name is Precious. She picked her own name. She's a bit of a fattie. She hides alot and is scared easily, due to being abused by her previous owner. She's very sweet once you gain her trust. Merri is the older dog, 1/4 German Shepard and 3/4 Saint Bernard. She's a very sweet lady. Next is the ginormous Great Pyrenees puppy, Marty. He's very cuddly, but he gets into things and has a knack for laying down in the middle of the floor. We also have the family pet. She's a guinea pig. Her name is Mrs. Gingerbread Santa Claus. We got her kinda close to Christmas, hence the seasonal name. My favorite pet is a cat. I love dogs, too, don't get me wrong, but I love cats more. I just seem to bond with them better, I guess. EDIT: 1st pic is Kirara, next is Blue, then Merri, and Marty's the last one.
  3. [B][I][U][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]Caution -- sexual references[/COLOR][/SIZE][/U][/I][/B] [SIZE="3"][U][B][COLOR="Navy"]Scarcity[/COLOR][/B][/U][/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B][I]by Vicki Morgan (me)[/I][/B][/SIZE] [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Unchanging is the wind Unchanging are my thoughts A kiss seems so far away A breath takes an eternity Waiting, the clock is ticking Hope is but a small glimmer Frightful is the world The unknown of the future The very hint of intuition Crawls away and leaves me Dwelling I stare into the eyes Of your picture The cute half-smile That I'm so very fond of I'm filled with desire A passionate fire To hold you, love you Feel you The bed lies empty As my dreams lie cold Craving your taste Not having it is unbearable Crying is out of the question Tongues entwined Bodies aligned and wrapped Around each other Wetness in Australian locations Lead to my temptations A breath on my spine My body is thine These are the places in my mind But I walk into the other room Empty, without you I can barely hear your voice I await your return Tears form, lining my eyes Can't sleep, don't want to The thing I want is always you The zombies can't taunt me The monster under the bed It fears me I feel anger towards myself I should have been the wiser Should not have let you go I was afraid to put my small foot down Afraid of tug-of-warrior Afraid of losing I never want to lose you But I'm a loser And that's what losers do I miss you[/FONT][/COLOR]
  4. [QUOTE=Ver2.0]Congratulations you now have a 267-sided die unfortunatley for you it's cursed and you must roll it once a day and every time you do you get a new curse for that day :animecry: I wish I had a Chesseburger :animesmil[/QUOTE] yay, you've got a cheeseburger.bad news? you just gained 5 pounds of fat around your ankle area, causing the look of cankles. I wish people would stop blaming ME for THEIR problems and just blame themselves.
  5. [QUOTE=DeathKnight][color=crimson]I'm sorry I keep hating on you but I found that one sentence to be strangely funny. :p Much respect of course.[/color][/QUOTE] Well, it's true, though. Like, we use spiritual energy and stuff, as well as herbs and a few other things.
  6. [quote name='Nomura][B']WE, huh? Are you one that does magic? Or do you just....be religous, or whatever, without trying it out? You know what....I think I've heard of Wiccan people trying out alchemy too... Occult is a confusing thing (prolly just to me though) I think it's one of the few religions that aren't in my Social Studies/ History books heh. When did it start? Or believed to be started? Salem massacre? Ahh..but yet again, I will write a novel. Better just read the website. :animesmil :animeswea [/B][/quote] I've done a little bit of magick, yes. And it's spelled with a k at the end, so that it isn't confused with Harry Potter or illusionist magic, such as the sawing the woman in half trick. Just letting you know, so you're not misinformed. We use energies and stuff. I'm not going to type too much on magick, seeing as you can probably find more on it from the link that I gave you. No, we don't do alchemy, I don't know where you heard that. It's totally untrue. Alchemy has been proven to be a false practice, anyways, hasn't it? I mean, alchemy is the practice of turning metals into gold...that's about all of my knowledge on alchemy, so yeah...whoever told you that is seriously feeding you a storyline. No, it actually started back in the 1940's with a guy named Gardner. It didn't start during the Salem Trials. The roots and some of the ideologies of the religion come from an extinct sect of ancient Celtic Paganism, though. Wicca is a Neopagan religion, meaning that it's pretty new, if you can't tell by the prefix "neo." Don't believe those little kids running around saying "Wicca was started thousands of years ago." That's a bunch of crap. It's a newer religion with a few old roots, no matter what anyone tells you. I think I've read that so much in my studying of Wicca that if I had to read it again on another website or in another book, I'd puke. So yeah. That's all I'm writing for now. If yo have any more questions, you can PM me or something. Or post on here. Or whatever. Yeah. And uhm, if I got anything wrong or whatever, yeah, please correct me. I've only been studying and practicing for about 3 years, so if anyone can fill me in on anything that I got wrong, please do.
  7. [quote name='Nomura']Speaking of gods, what gods do Wiccans worship? Just Wikka? Or others?[/quote] We worship the God and the Goddess. Go here: [URL=http://www.religioustolerance.org/witchcra.htm]http://www.religioustolerance.org/witchcra.htm[/URL] There, you can learn more and I don't have to type a whole bunch. Also, there's different theisms of it. Some are monotheistic and worship the All or the One, most, though, are either duotheistic or polytheistic. Wiccans who are duotheistic worship the God and the Goddess. You should know what polytheistic means by now, so I think you'll get the drift on that. :animesmil
  8. [QUOTE=NekoSama101]to agrue with the whole homosexuality being bilogical, here's proof that it is not, that is actually a choice. (thanks to troubledwith.com) "No solid scientific evidence exists today that people are born homosexual." "According to Joe Dallas, author and former homosexual, ?People tend to view homosexuality more favorably when they think it is inborn. No wonder gay leaders (not all, but most) push the born gay theory; it furthers the cause.?1 " "The same holds true for homosexuality. From conception, males differ from females. Every cell in the male body is different from every cell in the female?s. There are vast disparities between males and females that are currently overlooked by the popular media. But, by design, male was meant for female, and vice versa. " there you go, scientific proof. and i can get more if you want. By relizing that it's a choice, then it definatly does seem like a trend. How ever,like most trends, it may not, and it doesn't, occur everywhere.[/QUOTE] So, you're telling me that I chose to be bi? Excuse me, but, no. Homosexuality is NOT like religion or cosmetics or clothing. You don't choose it. I mean, unless you're one of those people who just want the damn attention. You don't know what the hell you're talking about.
  9. [quote name='Retribution][size=1'] Sure, she might've been speaking from a pedestal with a 'holier-than-thou' attitude[/size][/quote] Didn't mean to. I was just saying, they act like christians are better than everyone else, and by doing so and pitying people who aren't like them, they're putting theirself on a pedestal. I was just trying to tell them to get over theirself, because there's nothing special about it. So someone worships something. So what? I couldn't care less about who or what you worship, personally. You could worship Barbie for all I care. As long as you don't try to act like you're better than everyone else BECAUSE of what you believe in. I don't think I'm better just because of what I believe in. Who knows? Maybe "god" favors trees better. Maybe he/she prefers people who practice Vodun. Like I said, who knows? Not me. Not anyone. I'm just saying, no one really knows, so don't act like you do. Sure, you believe in someone who is supposedly an offspring of a deity, but that doesn't make your religion better than anyone else's. (I think they're all equal in a sense, but I stil prefer paganism -- it just suits me better--but it's still equal with every other religion -- just as much chance as being "wrong" or "right".)
  10. [quote name='Nomura']LOL, No Retri, that not what I mean. I mean, that good thing they were Christians. and pray to him....Cause....If someone saved my life...I'd be praying to them too (or for them). God saves many people. The smart ones, know that God helped 'em and get saved soon afterwards. No, I'm not saying that if you're not a christian you're dumb either....Darn. You got me to where I don't even know what I'm saying.[/quote] That sounds like a "holier than thou" philosophy. It's luck. It's chance. They're LUCKY that they didn't hit the tree. Or maybe the car swerved at the right moment. Don't look into things so far to go on a religious whim. Seriously. And your god hasn't done too much for me. Don't give me that lame *** "you've got food and shelter so yes he has" ********. Yeah, I have been through some rough *** ****. Praying has never helped. I don't really pray. I pray once a day, and the only thing I say is "Goddess, please help all of the people suffering horribly in this world and bring world peace." Oh, so someone who is a Christian is smartER than me? Yeah, you never said non-christians are dumb, but you basically insinuated that you're all smarter than people like me who don't worship your god and don't believe that Jesus was anything more than a human who preached peace and used pacifism. [quote=Nomura]Okay...Maybe I should give you MY religion and what I do in the religion....a little more. I'm a christian, yeah. I go to church slmost every sunday and Wednesday. I don't pray as much as I should, and I'm pretty sorry that I don't, since I know I should. I do listen to Rock, and small peices of rap, but that doesn't change my religion one bit, but I know someone will give a lecture on it. I'm sorry that Jesus died for us....Us being the creatures of today's society, and us being pretty much living a life full of all kinds of things that God doesn't like.[/quote] Yay for you, you go to church. Why do you have to pray so much? Like I said, I say the same thing every day. That's it. And it's really only on weekdays, because we have a moment (more like 5 seconds) of silence in school after the Pledge. What does your music have to do with your religion? That was a pointless damn statement. Seriously. How do YOU know what god doesn't like, really? Have you ever met the guy/girl in person? Have you actually sat down and had a conversation with them (with god replying back and actually speaking to you)? No, the bible doesn't count as the "word of god." I'm talking about one-on-one talking with a deity, whether it's a phonecall, meeting in person, or something. I can probably guess your answer to that. No, you haven't. If you had, you'd be in a psyche ward. [quote=Nomura]I feel really bad for Goths(etc) Most are beaten or set into a world of sadness...and they turn to Satan. That makes their life even worse, I think. Ah...I'm writing too much... [/quote] Oh, hell no! No, you did not! You are seriously a VERY stereotypical person. So, just because someone is goth, they worship Satan? Listen, not ALL goths are satanists. Not all satanists are goth. I know more pagan goths and more atheist goths than I do satanists. I know about two people who are satanists, and one of them is as preppy as can be. How do goths turn to Satan? Is it because they wear all black? Or because alot of them lke dark things like dragons and demons and pentacles? Huh? Oh, so you think that it makes their life worse if they believe in something that your religion is against? Not all goths are sniveling brats who are gloomy all the time, you know. All of the ones that I know (all of the ones at my school, which is the majority of my school, and a few at some other schools) are perfectly content. Pitying someone because they don't worship who you worship or who don't practice the same religion as you is a pretty snobbish act. That is so snobby and stuck up. That is like thinking that you are better than them. Well, guess what, sweetie? [B][COLOR=Red][SIZE=4]YOU'RE NOT. SO GET OVER YOURSELF.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B] You may think you're better, but you are not. You're very ignorant and stereotypican and stuck up. Just step off of your throne or pedestal or whatever you put yourself upon, take off the crown of victory, and wash your hands of yourself. Yes, you are writing too much. Seriously. [quote=Nomura]The point is, I'm a christian, I want others to be Christians too, and that I'm just sohappy that my friends went home last night safe and sound. :animesmil One thing....I always wonder. If god knows what we are going to do, and it's usually something we shouldn't, why won't he stop us?[/QUOTE] Uhm, again, yay for you. I don't want others to get sucked into christianity. I'd rather have my friends follow their own personal beliefs rather than join the world-wide chain of the Upper-Class People of God Who Are Better Than You Association. If you're soooo christian, why don't you know the answer to that question?
  11. You know, I would say something, but I won't. But yes, I know what Orbindo is talking about. We've gotten into heated arguments about religion.
  12. Anger, depression, sadness, frustration, and love. Don't forget despair and pain.
  13. I don't believe in the Christian god. I believe in Jesus, but not as the "son" of a god. I believe that he was a great human being who had pacifist views, and who was a bit ahead of his time. I believe in the God and Goddess. :animesmil
  14. Me? Well... Self-proclaimed Vain B*tc* Self-proclaimed Sexy Rawr Self-proclaimed Spiffyriffic Chick Self-proclaimed Funderful Rawr-ism
  15. Yes, Vicki needs answers. I've always heard from some of my friends about the punk movement and the hating of mods and stuff. So, I wanna know. What's with the Punks v.s Mods thing? How did it start? Why did it start? Has it ended? I'm curious. I'm oblivious. So, I'm asking. Some insight, please? :animesmil
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