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Request I could use a couple banners...:) (pick from choices)


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Well, I'm looking for some extra banners to store around so that I can change mine at will...So, here's what I'm interested in:

Something French Horn related
Something with fairies...preferable animated, but not obnoxious
Something dark, serious, but not bloody
Something nature related.

I prefer darker colors, like blacks and amythyst and...dark colors. Whatever anybody can come up with, I'll probably use!

Thanks alot,

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:) sure thing here ya go



EDIT: Ok...... so i got bored and decided to make a few more....the one of the girl isnt really bloody i dont think anyways, if it is to gory let me know. birds are flying out of her stomach tho...thats pritty serious.The one of the Knight is Dark and serious also. if you would like me to put your user name on them or modify them in any way feel free to ask here. You didnt really specify if u wanted anything on them so i just did plane images. Hope you like.

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Perfect! I love em both! Yeah, I know I didn't specify, that's because I'm not too picky. The only thing I don't like is...alot of blood or someone shooting someone else. If ever you get bored and feel like making more, I'll use em!
Thanks for the one's you've given me!
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