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The Boondocks


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Remember the comic strip? Well, now its an animated series that is being shown on Adult Swim. (Sundays @ 11 pm and Saturdays at 11 pm)

I saw The Boondocks for the first time a few weeks ago, and I must say.....I LOVED IT! It is everything that I was hoping for. (Based on the promos seen) The dialouge goes along with the many stories of The Boondocks. Although some people may find this a TAD offense (I was surprised the "N" word was used a lot, but guess who is doing the V/O of Granpa? John Witherspoon....remember him from the Friday movies? The people doing the voices for the characters are also good. (Regina King and someone else)

All in all, this show is witty, culturally diverse, a bit on the wild side, and down right funny!

For those who watch it, is it a good series? (It must be, since its up for a nomination)
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