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[color=red]Please remember when starting a post inuyasha#1 to make them well thought out, easy to understand with special care given to your grammar and capitalization. It also helps when asking for others to contribute their stories that you start off by sharing one of your own. Starting with a strong first post helps lead to quality responses in the thread. If you have any questions about posting quality feel free to PM myself or any of the other moderators. Thanks![/color]

On topic: I am assuming you are asking us to share our real life scary experiences. For me one of the scariest experiences I have had in my life would be when I was about 5 years old and almost drowned at a friends house in their swimming pool.

I was not a very strong swimmer and ended up slipping into the deep side. I could reach the side of the pool and was bobbing between the bottom of the pool and the top of the water. Every time I would try to cry for help I would just get a mouth full of water. I really did think I was going to die.

Eventually I couldn't keep it up and figured I was just going to drown. It was strange, I wasn't scared. I just took a deep breath in the pool and instead of getting a bunch of water it was like taking a deep breah of air. I hit the bottom of the pool and pushed as hard as I could. With that last push I was able to grab the side of the pool and pull myself out.

I am figuring there must have been some air in my breathing passages or something since I can't explain where the refreshing oxygen came from. I really did have a guardian angel looking out for me that day.
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