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Writing Lullaby [G]

vegeta rocker

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This is one i wrote called lullaby; i just sorted out the feelings i get when i just lay around and think about the universe. I have also been in a more melancholy mood since my ex and i split up.

Any crit is very welcome.


Thrown across the sky I feel
The warmth quiet and surreal
Hold onto it desperately
And sing another verse

My tattered song torn away
Nothing ever feels the same
Hold me in your warm duress
Across the universe

Lonely mothers guard the door
Their hearts hidden below the floor
Take me so far away
Sing another verse

Rip the glaze from my eyes
Frosted from the snowy skies
Let me believe nothing dies
Across the universe

Don?t let me hear the bluebirds sing
If I see what tomorrow brings
My heart will never leave
Your perfect universe
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