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Request Monster Anime Banner Request (Really Easy)

Guest Shoo

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Good morning, all.

I've have been creating a site dedicated to the riveting anime called "Monster".

Things are looking well but I need a banner to complete my site design.

I have an image I would like you to use if you are interested in completing this for me:


The banner needs to fit a [B]dark[/B] layout. The name of the site is "Monster Fan". (Ha, a generic name, I know, but it fits!) As long as you think your banner fits the dark layout, I don't really care what is done to it. Just put the site name, "Monster Fan" on there if you can.

The size of the banner needs to be:
(Height: 135, Width: 580)

If someone could do this for me, I would appreciate it, thanks!

I know you guys are all busy but if you could spare the time to do it, great!
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[quote name='jigglyness']I'm pretty sure the limit to the size of sigs are 500 x 100.[/quote]
[size=1]You're completely right if the banner is for OtakuBoards. However, the requested banner is not, and as a result, there are no restrictions (would assume).

Thanks for pointing this out, but if you'd like to help, please report the post and explain what was wrong with the post. While your intentions were good, your trying to enforce rules does nothing.[/size]
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