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Writing Sketch (E)

Sky Moonflow

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrange]Sketch[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Allenjay picked up his forgotten pencil off the ground. It had been in that exact same spot two nights ago. He couldn't remember why he had left it there, it was his favorite pencil and he took it everywhere so he could draw on the go.
He sighed and let the pencil fall back to the floor, it was of no use now. His sketchbook was gone and all his hopes of ever getting into art school was shattered. Whomever had it now, held his whole life in their hands...if they haven't gotten rid of it yet. Allenjay turned on his computer to check who was online this late in the day.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Teal]~!~ PING ~!~
~!~ allen_jaybird is now online ~!~

~!~ Users online: 3 ~!~
~!~ sergio_malady ~!~
~!~ ping_chan ~!~
~!~ zephyr ~!~[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Allenjay smile and clicked on zephyr's name, he hadn't been on for weeks and he was starting to worry about him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Teal]~allen_jaybird~ Hey! Zeph! You're achually alive! I thought you went and died on me!
~zephyr~ Oh...evenin' Jay. What are you doing up so late?
~allen_jaybird~ Sketchbook is missing. I was all over town looking for it but I couldn't find it. I'm gonna invite Ping in. She wants to talk to you and she forgot your s/n again.
~!~ ping_chan ~!~
~ping_chan~ Hey Zeph, Jay! The mighty Zeph is still among us. I am glad.
~zephyr~ Ping. Hi. Look guys, I can't talk to people on line anymore.
~allen_jaybird~ Why not?
~ping_chan~ Yea! Why?!
~zephyr~ It's complicated, plus we're moving again. We were over in the Sishimono district today looking at apartment buildings and found one that would work for my mom and me. I'm disconnecting everything now. It was great talking to all of you. I'll miss everyone really. Tell sergio not to go and try to molest Ping just cause I won't be here!!
~!~ zephyr ~!~
~allen_jaybird~ Zeph...
~allen_jaybird~ I'm heading to bed Ping. Take care![/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Allenjay turned off the computer and fell back on his bed. Zeph was moving to his district, but he would never know who he was. There was four of them in that room when he first came in. Sergio, Ping, Oniee, and Zeph. They were all just up late at night with nothing to do, it was weird because they had absolutely nothing in common but they got along great. Allenjay smiled and turned off his lamp, he had to keep looking for his sketchbook in the morning.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=Purple]Eligos pulled the phone line from the wall and continuted to pack up his computer. He looked all around his old room and his gaze fell on the sketchbook he found by the cherry blossom tree when he was in Sishimono earlier. Jay had said that she was missing her sketchbook, but she always complained she couldn't draw if her life depended on it...but yet it was filled with such beautiful drawings of men. Some in a few very...interesting poses. Eligos sighed and put the sketchbook in his backpack, they were leaving for the new apartment here in a little bit so they can have things all unpacked by morning.

Eligos lifted up the last box from the moving truck and almost ran into a very feminine looking guy.

"Oh, sorry. I have to look where I'm going."

Eligos was about to reply but the guy was already on his way down the street, he kept watching him till he was a small dot in the sea of people.

"He was pretty cute."
'Cute with that waist length purple hair that flowed freely and those mischievous crimson eyes.'

Eligos sighed and went back to getting the box in the apartment.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=Navy]Allenjay sighed as he sat down ont he bench, he had been looking around town all day and he had still failed to find any trace of his beloved sketchbook. It was no use now, that sketchbook was a good as gone.

He started walking back home and took the steps two at a time to get up to his apartment and ran into the same guy from this morning causing him to drop the bag he was carrying.

"Aw, man. I'm sorry. This is the second time today that I've ran into you, I'm just a big clutz."

Allenjay looked and up almost stopped breathing, this dude was beautiful. Long pale baby blue hair pulled back to rest at the base of the neck, slightly glowing orange eyes with red flakes in them. His face was pale with high cheek bones and a cute button nose, he also had a silver hoop earring in his left ear that just made him look so much more mystical.

"Don't worry about it. I was just heading out t-"

"My sketchbook!!" Allenjay snatched his sketchbook out of the dude's bag and hugged it to his chest. "Where did you find it!"

"I..uh- I was checking out apartments yesterday and I found it under that cherry blossom tree yesterday."

"That's funny, my friend Zephyr was checking out apartments here yesterday as well, he said tha-" Allenjay stopped in the middle of his sentence and took a good look at the dude. "It couldn't be could it?"

"My screen name is Zephyr, are you by chance Sergio?"

Allenjay started laughing hysterically, "Oh my, no! I'm not that perverted womanizer! I'm jaybird"

Not it was his turn to laugh, "You can't be serious. Jay is a girl!"

"No, I'm jaybrid. Allenjay is my name. So what's yours?"

He smiled and held out his hand, "I'm Eligos. It's really great to meet you."

Allenjay pulled Eligos into a hug instead of shaking his hand.

"Yea, it's really great."[/COLOR][/FONT]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][FONT=Century Gothic]Hoped you all enjoyed this short story.

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