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Shows/video games and Theme songs


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okay right now im seriously bored so its time for a new thread! i want to know what you guys think about shows and or video games and their theme songs. right now im listenging to "simple and clean" from kingdom hearts and im thinking how awsome the song is for it. eeep! i love that song!:catgirl:
do any of you out there hace shows or video games for which the songs suck or dont even match?
aww man im such a horrible thread starter!!!:animedepr

[COLOR=Sienna][SIZE=1]Slid over to the Music, Movies & TV forum ^~ -[B]Stuart[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Wheat] I Love Kingdom Hearts! Simple and Clean is such a good song. I kept making new files so that i could listen to it. I just love that song. :catgirl:
I love the Songs on Final Fantasy x & x2
They are so good[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Pink] The opening song on Fushigi Yuugi is reallly good just like the opening song for chobits and Fruits baskets opening and closing songs. The CardCaptor Sakura Series has very good music. So does Mythical Detective Loki Ragnorok. The songs are so good. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=PaleTurquoise] I love anime songs and I love the songs from the final fantasy video game series![/COLOR] :love:
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