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Gaming New Game Controller for Disabled

Guest rjcooper

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Guest rjcooper

I was hoping that my new game controller for XBox (and 360) might make some news? Or can you point me where on your site (or others) might be appropriate for letting people know that disabled people can now be included in the XBox community?

Here's the blurb I sent to my current customers:

Thanks for your consideration!
RJ :)

Hi all!
RJ Cooper, the tech guy for special needs, here again. 2 items to this blurb. Please read them both?
1) I'm pretty excited about this one. For years people have asked me about game boxes (XBox 360, XBox, PlayStation, GameCube) and alternative access. I have always offered the same 'solution': "Buy the PC game because we already have oodles of adaptations for PC." Not bad advice but not really a "solution."
I did a bit of Net searching and came across a very appropriate game controller that actually can plug into any of these game boxes! No PC required. Now bear in mind that these games usually move fairly quickly, and scanning between choices is not an option (unless it's actually built into the game itself, which it's *not*). So that means you have to be selective about which *aspect* of the game the person with special needs is going to control.
The joystick on this controller is very much like a power wheelchair joystick. And the buttons on this controller are big (1" diameter). But many people with special needs may not have the fine motor to get to all the buttons. However, many games can be operated without access to all the possible game button/functions. But you still need to match the game to the user, making sure that the game *can* be played by someone that cannot access *all* the buttons.
What I'm saying is, for a significant number of people with disabilities, that can operate this controller's joystick, and get to the big buttons, you're good to go! The only consideration is positioning the controller to be appropriate for your user's special needs. In most cases, I would think my Magic Arm and possibly Device Adapter would do the trick. In other cases, just using some of my new Stick & Suck to hold the controller in place would be enough.
But for others, that can only hit a single or 2 switch(es), you will need to be selective as to what action in the game will be accomplished by the disabled person. For example, a partner might operate the joystick, and the disabled user might hit a single switch into the Fire jack. Oh, yes...I've put jacks for switches into all buttons, including Start.
I make a cordless version and a corded version. Here's the link:

That's it for now!
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