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How do you feel?  

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  1. 1. How do you feel?

    • Things were better before
    • Things are better now
    • I haven't noticed any major changes
    • Things are pretty much the same
    • I'm too new to remember

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[quote name='Anime Elf']How many changes has this board gone through in the past few years anyway? [/quote][color=#b0000b][size=1]This is version seven, although there have been some "half" versions in the past. It depends on how you look at it, I guess.

Was your original username Anime Elf? [/color][/size]
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[B] OMG!! u all sound reely cool we shud be BFFs!4evers! huggles![/B]

Please, Mighty OB staff, do not ban me for the insolence shown above. I just wanted you to know that even new members can see when other n00bs are acting like total morons. There are those of us who do appreciate good spelling and grammar, posts that actually add something to conversations, and topics of higher quality than things like "101 reasons why Fluffy-sama (Sesshoumaru) is sexy." (And for the love of all things holy, please [I]do not start that as a thread![/I])
To all the members out there, thank for working through the incessant posts of new, ignorant members like me. You are now free to yell at and/or disembowel me as you so please.
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