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  1. [QUOTE]I'm sorry your blind to the socioeconomic cycle. It is much, much harder for a minority to rise up to the level of most whites, and I'm saying they should have help to get there, as they'd have to work harder just to be on the same playing field. It's possible for minorities to escape the life they were born into, but it's highly improbable, and the government should be there to help the people who are trying to get out of the ditch. I honestly don't see what's so wrong about this except for your whole "But it'd make them feel bad!" argument. Very few minorities feel as if their pride h
  2. Affirmative Action has overstepped its boundaries in today's day and age. [QUOTE][B]Regents of the University of California v. Bakke 438 U.S. 265 (1978) Docket Number: 76-811 Abstract Argued: October 12, 1977 Decided: June 26, 1978 Subjects: Civil Rights: Affirmative Action[/B] [B]Facts of the Case [/B] Allan Bakke, a thirty-five-year-old white man, had twice applied for admission to the University of California Medical School at Davis. He was rejected both times. The school reserved sixteen places in each entering class of one hundred for "qualified"
  3. [QUOTE]And I've never heard such a blind, idealistic statement in my life. "If you work hard, you can do anything!" I'm sure that works in Pokemon, but not in real life where you are bound by socioeconomic factors completely out of your control. Sure, working hard might work for 5% of people less fortunate than yourself, but the reality is that it just doesn't work. Not everyone has an equal playing field, and Affirmative Action seeks to level it a bit.[/QUOTE] Oh, I'm sorry I'm idealistic. Or maybe its because it worked for [B]both[/B] my parents who rose from less than ideal conditions
  4. [QUOTE]Is something right simply because it is the law? In Nazi Germany, it was illegal to help Jews escape persecution. By your logic, you should be punished for breaking that law. In any event, it wouldn't surprise me if our government were flying people back down every day, but those are tax-dollars wasted on a relatively pointless activity. Instead of blowing those thousands/millions on jet fuel, the jet itself, pilots, etc., you could have tried to help out the US of A.[/QUOTE] I never said what was right or wrong when it came to the law, but thieves, murderers, and rapists break the
  5. I agree with reducing the scope of affirmative action because it really doesn't have the same need it did when it first came into being. The Supreme Court has recognized that reverse discrimination is a real phenomenon that happens everyday, which is unfair. If I get better grades and have better test scores and more extracurricular activities I'm more involved in, I deserve to get into the college. I don't think anyone should get into a college just because they're a minority with semi-decent grades. The system needs to be based on merit, not handouts, which is what this country was based
  6. Where to begin with the subject of [B]ILLEGAL[/B] immigration? Ah yes, the name says it all. Yes, illegal immigrants should be punished for committing an illegal ("prohibited by law") action. At the moment, aren't multiple planes filled with illegal immigrants being flown to Central America every day? Anyway, I do think it is selfish of people breaking the law demanding not to be punished for it. Okay, they snuck in here because they're so close. America lets in less than one million immigrants a year for a reason. There are people who have been waiting up to [I]twenty years [/I] t
  7. Anime Elf


    They way I see it is we have a way our life could turn out that would ultimately be the best for us in the long run, which may involve anything from becoming a president, becoming a teacher, or maybe even just having kids. I think that fulfilling destiny just means becoming self actualized and its our own choice whether or not this happens.
  8. No, it was something really kiddy like Pika Pal or something like that. I don't remember. I feel old now, and I swear I'm not.
  9. It just depends on what beliefs you hold. Personally I believe that God has always existed and always will. It's weird because when you think about God and religion and everything like that it just seems to be hard to comprehend sometimes, well a lot of the time. That's why there's faith. I know that my answer might seem like a cop out or something and for that I'm sorry, but just think about all the things we have faith in, or believe in, on a daily basis. It makes sense to me at least. Sorry if I couldn't help.
  10. How many changes has this board gone through in the past few years anyway? I came here way back a long time ago, probably a little over four years ago. After the first change I was there for, I kind of waned in coming and then I kind of stopped all together for a while. The thing I miss most about the older boards/version is the people because when I decided to come back a lot of the people that I knew before were gone. Anyway, I'm not sure if this was a change from the older boards or not (I didn't care about this kind of stuff when I first started) but I do like the Lounge and how th
  11. George Bush hates black people? Someone must have forgot to tell Condie and Colin Powell. :animeangr Anyway, free speech does more good than bad. I think the stupid lawsuit phase is over and judges are actually throwing cases out now that are just plain stupid. Anyway, there's a reason free speech was in the First Amendment. Sure people are gonna be offended, but big whoop. Take it all in stride or get out, don't ruin one of the best institutions in the free world because someone takes offense to some insignificant insult. That just shows their character. Feel better knowing how
  12. Wow. It's just a cartoon. I think that everyone just needs to realize that. Instead, the embassy was burned, London was bombed, and Muslims want the cartoonists hands cut off. Over a cartoon. Since we're speaking of cartoons that depict a middle eastern religion in a bad light, what about cartoons coming from Muslims that portray extremely Anti-Semetic messages? Is this a case of "you can dish it out but not take it"? I think so. Now considering the contest for Holocaust cartoons, I think that the Muslims are trying to return to being the "dishers." It's not like we don't have
  13. I also say no. Just looking at the United States and how divided we get over certain issues. Now blow that up to a global scale. Each country has its own culture and way of doing things. Trying to unify all of that under one government is crazy. Just imagine all the gridlock that would happen.
  14. I think that the C stands for CBS and the W for Warner Brothers/Time Warner. So, with thirty hours of programming, so I've heard, does this mean that there's gonna be more than just two shows on each night?
  15. I honestly think that if you say that you're a __(fill in the blank)__, act like it. There are some people who think that a lot of whatever __(blank)__ said is outdated, but it's not too hard to bring older philosphies and teachings to modern day. We do it with the Constitution all the time (not the best example I admit, but it was the first to come to mind). Anyway, picking and choosing what you want to believe it kind of stupid. I do realize that there are divisions in religions, and I'm okay with that, but you would still be a __(blank)__. Picking from multiple religions isn't th
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