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Writing Naruto-Legend of Atoma Shitaki [PG-V]

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Guest Vlade_Rayne
My story begins at the end of the Village Hidden in the Leaves 1st Chunin Exam. I am how do you say a freelance ninja i work for no village and all i know i learned or Created myself. I was waiting at the gate of the acadamy seeing who has failed the Chunin Exam for i was looking for a new student.

When they came out I greeted them" Hi, How many of you failed the Chunin exams?' A few raised their hands. "Ok, for all those who have failed I have a propostion for all of you." Some of the student stood there a listened and half left thinking i was crazy. They were the smart ones. " Now here it is I will take you as my students and make you chunin," They all looked at each other puzzles who was this guy why is he here and what i have to do" those of you that exept will be concitered rouge if you take my propsition" another half left leaveing only 15 left. " You want to be my students." They nodded."Ok,but on one condition... you all must hit me once."

They looked at me and some had a grin on their face others looked worried. All they had to go to be Chunin under this Ninja is to hit him once. They all looked at me and said" OK, Lets do this" "Begin" At first 3 rushed me they surrounded me and attacked. "Where did he go!?!' I was behind one of the the others saw me as I attack there comrade he was knocked out cold. " Ahhhh!" The 2 remaining teamed up on me with a double-wamy kick I blocked both of them, grabbed there legs and threw them in to 2 pillers. The remaining 12 looked at me stunned but they recovered from there shock and all Attacked me at one i was all most overwelmed.
But that i use one of my own Jutsu I called it levitation I did the hand signs that was required and use the Jutsu to levitate 8 off the ground leaving 4 left that rushed me these were tougher than the others They almost got me with a Quad Sweep but I jumped over and kicked 2 in the head the other 2 ran off.

Unfortunaly, This test was brought to the attention of the Senseis in the Ninja academy. Of which one was Kachashi. When they arrived I let the students that in the Levitation Jutsu down lightly. " What are you doing?" Said Kachashi. " Just a little test thats all. But, none of these have Pasted so I'll be going now.
" No you won't" " Really whos going to stop me" "We are!" "oh... Right... ummm.... See ya!" I ran as fast as i could then i got in to the forest. " They thought they could catch me. Hahaha. Crap..." One did find me it was Kakashi. "You cought me good for you." "But is bad for you" "This is going to suck"

Chapter Two

It was a stare down to tell the truth I was scared. Almost to the point of trembling. I've heard of the Shotingun Eye and what it could do. It could stare in to the future they say. "Say... Kakashi why dont you just let me go and I'll forget this ever happened... Ok" I said. Than he replied" You think it is that easy!" "No...but it had a chance..." Seeing that there was noway around it me and him faced off. We rushed at each other than in a blink of an eye he was in front of me. I flinched and he caught me in the stomach. " For some one who manhandled students you sure are weak." "weak... Weak... WEAK!" Those are one of the worse words that anybody could use to describe me I might have been weak against Kakashi
against anyone else i was invincible. So i got up but still knowing this fight i could not win. " So you still got some energy" "Kakashi... I have much more than that" Useing signs to use the Crushing Jutsu" I HAVE POWER OVER THE VERY GRAVITY, Crushing Gravity Jutsu Ha!" This was my last chance and even if i hit him I'd have to run so it whouldnt hold him down long." How did you?" "It is one i created...No friggin way!" He got up... No one has ever got up unless i let them up." You got distracted." I was gone. Now, realizing what i had done to myself there was no way i was going to survive this encouter. " Kakashi-sensai! Where you at?" a voice said from the forest." oh, there you are" He was dressed in a orange jumpsuit but more than that he was calling Kakashi sensei. I quickly accessed the situtation. "Get out of here!?" When Kakashi looked over at where i was standing I was gone but than he realized where i was. " Naruto Look out!" Then i took out a kunai and held it to the kid's throat
" Let me go or you'll be sorry, Belive it." said the kid. "listen i'd rather not kill anybody but unless you let me go there will be no other choice but to..." A Sharp pain went down my back. I saw that a kunai had got me. I loosened my grip. The kid escaped. Looking around i was trying to see where it came from then i realize that the Kunai had poison on it..." Tricky little thing..." I fell to my knee's succuming to the posion.
Then the idiots left... they left. I guess they thought i was going to die there. But i looked like luck was on my side. I passed out. But then i woke up not in the forest but in a bed apparently someone doesnt know who i am. "Oh! Your awake." a voice said. I looked over and saw a young woman. " Why..." "You was about dead from poisoning" "Who are you?" The woman said. " My name is...Atoma Shitaki"
"Your a ninja right? I saw your headband." "Yeah." I got up to a sitting position. "From what villige?" The infamious question. " What village? I was self tought." "Was it hard? Being by yourself." "No, I had a couple of students... most have moved on." " I always wanted to be a ninja i dont know why i has always fasenated me." "Yeah, that's how i was but i didnt want to play by their rules. And for years now i try to get enough students to create my own academy but none had impressed me so far." "Thats a great dream" " Dream... It was about to become a reality, but i was to weak..." " Could I be your student?" " That was sudden, but are you sure... my training is not easy... your body will hurt... you will be driven to extreme frustration." " I can handle it" " but before that what is your name?" "Yana Durama" This was unexpected someone who i could actually talk to. My old students ethir just quit or ran away. But i sensed something different in her.

The day after that the training began" Yana this is yours" I handed here a face mask. " Now do you know any fighting skills" She shook her head.
"I will have my work cut out for me first i will teach you about the 3 Styles of the Ninja 1st we are going to work on is Taijutsu the physical form which is the easiest to master i think" Then the Taijutsu training began. I tought her how to fight and block attacks. " Not bad Yana now im going to test you on what you learned today. I will stand here and you will attack me. got it." She nodded she rushed me but I easyly dodged and smack her lightly on the head. "Dont just rush at me you have to access who your fighting." She rushed again. "Close but no cigar" Then i smacked her on the head again. This was making her mad she attacked me rapidly then something happened. She planted here fist right in my face. I was knocked back " Master are you ok" Laughing i got up> This one has potental/

[b]Chapter 3- The Real Training Begins[/b]

She was learning very quickly she already knew most of the basic jutsu i thougt. But, that day i gave her a real challange. "Yana, come here." I said. "Yes master?" "You have done well so far you have learned all of my basic jutsus but you have to create your own, like i had to do so many times." " No problem" "However, the jutsu must be your own not build off one of mine." "Got it" "Now go home a think on what kind you would like to create." "Why, cant i do it here?" "Because today you start training against me. For a strait week we will be doing nothing but sparing. This is where you will tryout your jutsu. If is see you create them. I would know its weakness you have to surprise me." For a week we spared, but none of her jutsus were that impressive. I was surprised be the Elemental Jutsu though...
But when your faceing fire... a wind jutsu blows it right out. Not surprised at her frustration I gave her a day off... But then we trained the next day and that was an experiance all its own. "She's late..." That was strange her not being on time. She got smart. *tap*tap*tap* " Huh? Theres no one there? I thought i heard" *thud* " what the...?" I couldn't see who it was but i had a hunch. "Clever girl..."
She was right in front of me and i couldn't see her she was every where. " Where did you go?"*punch*punch*kick*" ahh!" See was beating me up this was great finally a student that can give a punch. *tap*tap*tap* I saw dust kick up and i knew where she was but I didnt let on. "got ya" I did a sweep and she fell and invisibly wore off. "Dang! I thought I had you!" she said "You did for a bit. But that was impressive. I hardly noticed you!" She smiled happlily and I helped her up. " So, did I pass?" "No doubt. But, now that you have basiclly finsihed the training. It is time for a real world fight. "What!!" Exclaimed. "Your skill is passed the average genin so the real world test shouldn't be difficult." "Who against?..." I said calmly" The people who tried to kill me."


[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]I am sorry about the double posting i was on this one other site for a while and they only had a limit of 2000 characters it is a hard habit to break[/COLOR].[/SIZE]

[B][FONT=Impact]Chapter IV- The Revenged[/FONT][/B]

[FONT=Century Gothic] "Dawn has broke. The day is beginning. Skies are clear. The temperature is perfect This is a perfect day for a fight. Yana!" "Yes Master Shitaki" " You can just call me Atoma-sensei if you want." "Yes, Atoma-sensei." " Today we will go to the Hidden leaf academy."
"Wait... They are the ones who..." "No, but the ones we are after are here. And you will have to utilize all i taught you. Here is where that Jutsu will be really useful."
"Who are you looking for?" " A Ninja by the name of Kakashi. And one of his students in a orange jumpsuit." "When will we begin?" "First we will scout the school. Then, we will track down those two, finally we fight them...Right now." We snuck into the school in the early morning that was the easy part going unnoticed was the hardest thing i ever done. Most of the time i was wondering " Do any of these people go to class?" Where were the stupids that we came here to fight? "Master, I don't think their here." "Yana, they are here. We just haven't seen them yet." For a while we didn't move. I was starting to give up when. "That Forest of Death was tough but, we did it" said the girl next to the orange guy. This kinda worried me i haven't trained Yana in group combat. So then i said" Yana see those two standing next to the kid in orange." "Yes." "That is his squad and i haven't trained you in squad combat yet but i will teach you a Variant of the basic Shadow Clone Jutsu." Then i noticed my target Kakashi... If there ever was a time for us to strike it was now! "Yana I'll show you when we get down there turn invisble and follow me."
She done as was told. I Jumped off the top of the building i was on and ran speedily towards The targets. "KAKASHI!" He turn around and looked stunned. "Your still alive?" he said. "Yes, Kakashi the man who you tried to kill!" "How did you survive? That poison was very potent.*whistle* "Whoa! What triped me!" said the orange kid.
"Your so stupid you probably triped over yourself" said the black haired kid. *whistle* "Alright, How is he doing that?" "Ha.Ha Ha. You can come out now Yana." "Yes, sir!" Yana appeared right next to me. "So, you have a student." said Kakashi. "Yes, and it took me 3 weeks what it takes mounth for your students even to attempt." "Why have you come back here?" " Revenge... or a rematch. Etheir way we are going to fight today. I have spent way to much time and energy to run away now that my dream is so close. But before we get started i want my student to fight yours." "Three on one? Are crazy She can't win." " Yes im crazy" "Atoma-sensai?" I wispered in to yanas ear. "Alright ill do it" "Before you fight there is only one thing i want to ask what are all your names. Cause im not going to keep calling you Orange kid, Black haired kid, and girl." "I'm Naruto Usamaki." "I am Sakura"
"Im Sasuke" "Aright. you three don't hold back. Or she'll knock you off your feet." "Its 3 to 1 how hard can this be?" said Naruto. "How ever hard you want it to. Yana remeber what i told you." I flashed a hand sign. "Right!" " This is going to be to easy" said Sasuke. I looked around and a crowd was forming. "Good a audience". Do it now, Yana." She did the Shadow Clone sign. "Shadow clones... you have to be kidding me." said Sasuke. Then she did the sign i flash and said" Soul Split" Two shadow formed beside here and formed into 2 different style clones. "You honestly thought it was that easy? Your dumber than i thought." said the red headed clone. "..." the second one didn't say any thing. "You'll pay for trying to kill him!" said Yana. Then all three rush at each of the other. Yana punched Naruto In the chest.
The red headed one tried to kick Sasuke in the head... but missed. "Ha. You missed." "Did I?" Then she did a back sweep. The second one just stood there. "Why isn't she moving" said Sakura. Than the quiet one disappered. "Where she go!?." "Sakura behind you!" said Naruto geting up from the punch. "No way!" She was right behind her. The quiet one simply knocked her down and jumped for a ground stomp. Lucky for Sakura she rolled out of the way. " This is working better than i expected. Esspecially for her first time i a real fight." I said. Yana was going for a ground kick but Naruto rolled out of the way. " This is tougher than i thought" he said. "How are...they so skilled!?" Said Sasuke dodgeing Red's attacks. "Hold still!" See uppercutted him in the face. The quiet one was running circles around Sakura. "Hahaha! This is one of my favorite jutsu the Split Spirt it take's one style from the user and duplicated the style in to a real person Taijutsu, Ninjustu, and the user." "Go down!" said Red. "No way! I won't be killed by you." said Sasuke. " KILLED? No,no,no... We are not here to kill you. Just to beat you down. After that we will leave." " Is that all... just to beat us and you will leave..." "Yeah we I don't hold a grudge for long for some reason but this is more than a grudge it is a rivalry."
I started watching the fight and the Quiet One was going for the final strike. "What the..." Than i remembered the tech. i taught her was draining her chakra " Yana! Disengage the Spirit Split your running out of chakra!" "What!" The Quiet one fell and dissappered. "Aw, this sucks." said Red as she to dissappered. "Why did you tell me to stop! I was winning!" "You were useing to much chakra. If you use it all up you could die. And i don't want that but if you wish you can still fight." "I want to."
"Very well." "You are going to let her fight against 3 to 1 odds!" exclaimed Kakashi. " Don't underestimate her she laid a few good ones on me." "Lets go!" Yana said.
" If that's how you want it!" said Naruto. He ran toward her and she did a sweep. I love that move. "Don't run strait towards me that is just plain common sense." The other two Sasuke and Sakura was rushing Yana. She blocked Sakura... which didn't surprise me much. Than Sasuke punch her in the face which sent her flying. "Ahhh!"
Then he ran over and kick her in the stomach. She fell... I was worried."Yana!" I exclaimed.I ran over and help her up. "Sorry... i didn't win..." she said. "Dont worry about it you did well for a while and you did good for a rookie." She smiled than I smiled back. I sat her next to a nearby tree. "So is that it?" Said Naruto. "No, the real fight is about to begin. Kakashi get ready because this is going to be a fight to remember."

Chapter 5- The Fight of Coolness

Kakashi and me are facing off finally. "Hey, I got and idea." I said. "What?" he replied? "Whoever loses has to take off their mask." "That's it. Your on." "and has to join the winners village." "What no way." "What is the great Shotingun Ninja afraid of the challenge?" "No that is just stupid" "I other words you are afraid if I beat you i will be your master and if you beat me you will have to deal with me forever." "Fine your one but don't say I didn't warn you." He rushed and tried to punch me. I blocked. "Litsen, I am not the guy who was afraid of you in those woods. I am the guy that came here a man handled students." I tried a sweep. He flipped over the leg and kicked me in the face. "You should have seen that coming." I springed back up and went into a stance. Then I attack with a flurry of punches and kicks; some hit some didn't. Then I landed a punch in the face. "Ha.ha.ha.ha you should have seen that coming!" He recovered and did a flying kick I grabbed his leg and did a take down. "Come on! Dude, you are a freak Elite Ninja you should be able to keep up with a guy that never got pass chunin." He got up. "So, you failed." "Yeah on purpose. And see how strong i am now." Kakashi than lifted up his bandana exposing his eye. " Then Come hither strong one." "So the Mighty Kakashi reveals his eye." I moved to the left he moved to the left. " Come on fight me." "Come on fight me." I flashed signs for the fireball jutsu. He dodged. I kept firing he kept dodgeing. " Thats it" This is the time where i took off my round sunglasses. "Shotingun... it is as powerful as i heard but you read if you don't know w where i am at. I flash several signs. "No that can't be!?!" Exclaimed Kakashi. "Hidden Mist Jutsu" My body turned in to a mist. I could tell that he faced this before. "So, you know what this is... I saw it once a long time ago when i was just beginning my self training." I appeared behind him and kicked him in the back. He looked in that direction and i again appeared behind him and punched him. This continued on for a few minutes until he caught up. "Got you!" He freakin' clotheslined me. I did two flips before i hit ground. " Not bad..." "Where did you learn that?!" " I saw it once and then i learned to harness it I'm a quick study."
"You aren't a normal ninja are you." "What I'm insulted how do you mean 'not normal'" "You know all these jutsu all of which i have seen done." "Maybe i read your mind maybe i saw them to a learn them maybe i was lucky" "Maybe...." I ran towards him with a 'passion of the sun'. I Tried to do a fire ball but he again dodged it. "Is that all you can do!" "Oh you want to see mine OK!!" "his?" "Elemental Jutsu! Fire! You can actrally give the credit for this one to my student." My body covered in flames I ran towards Kakashi. "It has to be an illusion he'd burn alive" I punched at him when I did the flames burnt his shirt. "What the..." He tried to punch but succeded in burning his hand. "Oh does it burn lets put some water on that. " I turned in to a blob of water. " He turned i to a big puddle..." Then i started turning in to a funnel and went for him. "that isn't doing any thing" " No but this will" I turned to normal. I flashed sign for a shocker jutsu. "Bolt Jutsu!" *bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* " Trust me this is going to hurt!" I fired the bolt at him he jumped out of the way but some of the lightning still got him. "Hello your wet eletricity+water= :animestun
"Ha! That hardly hurt me" "WHAT!" I couldn't believe it he was fine... It wasn't that surprising once i think about it. He summoned up his little thunder punch thingy and hit me with it. He sent me flying thru a pillar and I slammed in to the wall... I lost... it was that easy for him... "You were holding back all that time..." Blood was coming from my mouth. " You won... i guess there go my dream..." I passed out. "Master Atoma?" I heard Yana's voice and opened my eyes. I was on a bed how i got there i don't know. " How long was i out this time." "a few hours" "hours... gees, I?m weak...
" i turned over and saw a bandana with the hidden leaf symbol on it. "I guess i won?t be building my academy. But at least i get to do something." I took off my bandana and tied it to my arm and i took the new one and put it on. "I was accepted here,? Yana said. "Really? That?s great now we can continue your training... what?" "I have to train under someone else..." "Oh... that?s not cool." "so i came to say goodbye..."
"Listen this doesn't mean you cant train under me unofficially plus you would just go away would you." "No I?ll come and see you sometimes." "Deal" Kakashi walked in i stood up. "I guess I better keep my end of the bargain" "What?" "I have to remove my mask." I removed my mask to reveal my face" Is that a another mask . " I didn't say which mask I was going to take off." That was when my career as a Hidden Leaf Junin began.

Chapter Six- A lession painfully learned

It was six weeks atfer i join the Leaf ninjas. I had became good friends with Kakshi.
It is amazing how much we differ but are so much alike. Also, Yana has already became a chunin since she was not offically a ninja when i trained her she started at the bottom. I was proud of her. But the day came where she didn't visit me as much that was understandable. One night Kakashi and I was sitting outside when he asked me a weird question. " Do you want to take my place for a while?" "What?"
"I'm need some time away from those kids but if i leave them unattened they may kill each other." "So you want me to do this for how long?" "a week" "I guess i haven't had much to do. Since that fight i've been so bored around here." "Well you won't be now." The next day i went to where Kakashi told me but i was late. I opened the door then something hit my head. "What the...? Your not Sensei." " He taking a week off now I'm your sensei." I looked at the eraser that hit my head. I smirked. "So you think that was funny." "Yes that was pretty funny." Said Naruto. "Five laps around the academy." "WHAT!" they all said. "Not you two ,Naruto." "This sucks. Why do i have to do that?" "Because i said,if you have problem you can meet me later in the woods where there is no one watching" "No that won't be nessasery!" He took off. the rest of us was sitting there waiting. " You know something... i think your crazy." Sakura said. " I am " I replyed. Then Naruto came back in. "I'm back." "Good follow me." I spent the rest of the day drilling them.
By the end of the day they were tired. "Good. Tomorrow we will be doing something a bit different." They seem to hate me except the one called Sasuke. he seems to be enjoying this. The next day i didn't show up. "Where is that crack pot?" Said Naruto. "I have no idea." replied Sakura. Then Yana walked in to the room. "What do you want?" said Naruto. "Um... Master Atoma told me to tell you to meet him in the Forest of Death..." "The forest of death what for?" "I don't know." She walks out. "I hope he doesn't go to hard on him." I was waiting in the forest of death wandering if what i was about to do was smart. But then again I'm crazy. "Shitaki-Sensai! We're here." "About time." "Why did you want to meet here?" "Because i didn't want anyone to see what I am about to do." i rushed at them with incredible speed. I punched Naruto in the face. Then kicked the other 2. "What are you doing?!" Sakura screamed. " Because of you my dream was crushed! Now i will get at Kakashi by killing you!" I launched a force ball jutsu (wind) at Sakura it knocked her down. Then i jumped and punched her head as i came down. I intentionally missed "stay down play dead " i whispered. She complied not knowing what i was getting at. I got back up. " One down Two to go." The two Naruto and Sasuke was rushing me one punched me in the face and the other kicked me i turned in to a log.
"Replacement!" I appeared behind them i picked up Naruto and threw him and i faced off against Sasuke. "You think you can't be me!HA! You wern't even strong enought to beat that Noh mask wearing kid. Yeah i know all about that. How you nearly died." This angered him and sent him running towards me. I simply steped aside and shoped his back the i did a fire ball jutsu. This wasn't strong enough to kill him i slamed down on him and said the same thing i said to Sakura. "Ha!ha.ha! No one of you can stand against me. "Sakura... Sasuke..." I looked over to Naruto and saw him enraged. "I'll kill you!" "Come on if they can't do anything what makes you so special..." I didn't know it then but that was not a good idea. He all the sudde grew claws and flames went all around him. "Oh gees... maybe this wasn't a good idea." He rushed toward be so fast i couldn't get out of the way he sliced me pretty good... I was bleeding from where he sliced my face. "So this is who you are some kind of freak." I was making him mad. He rushed again and he started to beat be up good. " Is that all you got!?" It was about time i told him what was going on... "Naruto listen this was..." He jumped me and i saw he was out of control i'd went to far... "Fine... if you wont listen then i guess i'll have to make you listen." I flashed the sign of the elemental Jutsu "Elemental Jutsu! Shadow!" I dissappered in to the shadow of the forest. Naruto was looking and did not know where i went my shadowy figure attack his back. He look back and nothing was there then he saw the eyes of my form the were red. Because of the form i was talking in whispers "Naruto listen..." He attacked it went through. Then i grab him be the neck and returned to my normal self "You killed them i will kill you" "Sakura Sasuke get up" They rose. "Idiot it was a test to see how you handled betrayal. I'd never kill unless i had to. and frankly you aren't much of a threat. " I let him down and explained. " I've had way to many people betray me most were my own student's but since i had no master i had no idea how student would handle that." They looked confused then i took off the final mask and the saw the scar that went from my nose to my chin. "this is why i tested you that way you know what to expect when someone close to you betrays you. But now no mask can hide the scar you gave me Naruto."
He still looked confused. " Now you know what happen when people betray other people." "oh i get it. Why did you put us thourgh this?" "Nothing is like the real feeling. This was one of those things i can't teach " They started thinking. and went back to the academy. And i followed. I felt a cold chill go up my spine. I felt as if i was being watched.

Chapter 7- The Old student returns Pt. 1

The week after I taught the three that 'lesson'. Everywhere i went i thought i was being watched. I was an eerie feeling. A feeling i haven't felt in a long time. Not since...never mind. I was walking around the school all day searching every nook and cranny of it I found nothing. I asked around seeing if any of the elites had noticed any thing 'odd'. They stared at me. "Besides me." They shook their head.
At the end of the day i was about to give up. I saw a person with a hoodie on it was gray out of the corner of my eyes. I looked over and no one was there. Was i going crazy has my head gone 3 sheets to the wind. I had no idea. Later on that night i got that feeling again i rose up out of my bed and saw that figure again it had glowing red eyes. Then it disappeared... The next day explained what i saw to Kakashi. "I have no idea what it was. I was freaky i didn't even hear it come in."
" Do you think i could be your mind playing tricks on you?" "No. Despite the way I act i am not one to hallucinate. But I feel like something is going to happen really soon. We should be careful. Put the academy on alert or something. Trust me when i comes to strange happenings I know what?s going on." "Ok but others are not going to like this." I put on a strait face. "Look how much i care. See, i don't? The next day they put watcher on the roofs and at the gate. The students were excited wandering what was going on. "Atoma-sensai!" yelled out the very annoying Naruto. "Listen it was only for a freaking week! Call me Shitaki or just Atoma." "Sorry just wandering what?s going on!?!" "I've been seeing strange stuff around here and thought it was a bad sign." "Sign?" "Yeah. A sign of bad things..." He was gone. I swear he has the attention span of a dog. It was nighttime and i was outside of the school. I heard the creepiest voice I've ever heard. " Antro's coming for you..." "What the...?" The figure flashed 5 times in front of me in 5 different places. "Antro's going to KILL YOU!" I turned around the black figure was running towards me a I blocked but it was gone. A cold sweat roll off of me. That was the scariest thing I ever saw. But that name I recognized it... Some of the Jounin came over to where I was at claiming they heard the voice to it was heard throught out the school... This disturbed me what ever was going on it was not natural. The classes the next day went off without a hitch. No sighting no voices anything. As if the figure was never there. That night outside i again was patrolling the ground of the academy it was then when it hit me the name "Antro". One of my former students... he was the greatest of all of them he was my star pupil... then he turned on me claiming he was the stronger from the two of us he attack me with out warning after a long and gruesome battle I won by shoving a kunai strait thought his heart. I was greatly saddened by this. But before he died he said " Atoma I CURSE YOU FOREVER I WILL RETURN AND YOU WILL KNOW THE MEANING OF PAIN!' Then he killed over. This was something I have never encountered before how could he be alive? I heard Footsteps behind me a black mass wooshed right past. My side was slit and bleeding. Then another mass passed by and cut my arm it bleeded purfusly. Then a third mass jumped in the air and did a downward swipe from a
WAKIZASHI(Japanese Short Sword). It cut my chest but didn't touch my heart.
Then a few more cut then he ran off. Two Juonin found me. I was losing blood fast. I passed out. About 3:00 P.M. the next day i awoke no one was around i tried to get up. When i got to my feet and tried to walk i fell on my face. It was terrible.
Just then a couple of Juonin including Kakashi walked in. "Hey, you think you can't help me up." i asked. One of them helped me then the other asked, "What happened?" "I was attacked." "By who?" ask Kakashi. "Someone from a long time ago. One of my students... Anturo..." "Anturo?" "He was my best student he betrayed me and i killed him. Stabbed him in the chest." "Then how did he attack you." the other said. " He cursed me right before he died saying he would be the on that would kill me. ATOMA I CURSE YOU FOREVER,he said... He's seems to have been resurrected somehow." Then i realized he probebly knew about Yana this i realized. I Jumped out of bed with a burst of energy. "Where is Yana!?!" "She is training in the woods." said Kakashi. "I have to warn her." I tried running but i fell...
"Why what wrong?" "If he tracked me down that easy than he knows that Yana was my student." "Right you stay here I will go a get her?" "No i will." said Kakashi. "You will ok when you get her make sure you protect her understand at least until you get back here?" "I'll be back." About 10 min. later. "Master Atoma what did you need so badly for that you dragged me from..." "Don't talk to me like that! You wouldn't even be a ninja without me!" "Sorry but why do you have to talk to me now." "You are in danger a cloaked man attacked me last night and i am concerned for your safety" "Why?" "An old student tried to kill me last night and he nearly did. And I think he knows about you and will kill you to get to me." She set there silent. I know what was going thourgh her head. The next day Kakashi came in to the room i was staying and said that the cloaked figure was not sighted . "I don't know... I think you need some time alone." "What are you talking about" I said. "You have been stressed latly maybe..." Enraged i ripped off the bandage on my Chest. "Does this look like a hallutonation, I was attacked I am concerned for the students as well! It isn't the same. This enemy can't dissapper without a trace and pop up right behind you seconds after. Blood was coming from the wound. "You will bleed to death if you don't get bandaged up." "I can do it myself." I dressed my own wound just like old times... I was up and about the next day. I spent the day training because tonight I was going to face Antro by myself. "At lease She will live." I another part of the building some Jounin were talking. "The wounds could have been self inflicted, Kakashi." "I know but he isn't like that. He maybe crazy but he wouldn't slice himself up." Outside the door Naruto and the others along with Yana were listening. "Master Atoma wouldn't try to hurt himself." said Yana. "I don't know he is pretty depressed." said Sakura. "How's that?" said Naruto. "Are You an idiot? He had his dream crushed at the hands of Kakashi-sensai." said Sasuke. "But he is still alive. If wanted to kill himself he would have done it as soon as he lost." I walked up behind them. "You shouldn't talk about me like that... That hurts my feelings." I said. "Sorry but we are concerned." "About what?" "You. You are the only one to see the figure and you are the only one who it has attacked." "Oh... Him you won't have to worry I am going to call him out and battle him head to head. " "What alone?!!" "Yeah, is that a problem." "Well yeah! He nearly killed you last time and you want to face off!"
"Listen if i don't others maybe kill all because of me... A Juonin dies and the students live it is a fair trade." "But you won't be around anymore and i don't want you to die..." Yana said. I looked back and I saw tears in her eyes. I never had anyone cry for me before... not even my parents. "Yana... I... won't die if you won't cry ok... I can't stand it. To see you cry..." She nodded. "Awww... How sweet..." Sakura said. but another more sinister voice was heard too... " It is too bad that you both have to die... But aleast i can rest!" the figure appeared in front of the door all of us saw it... the door was opened and it dissappered. "Whats going on out here!" " We saw it. The black figure!" Said Naruto. "Now do you belive me not only i but they saw it as well." Yeah, and now what?" "I am going to kill him again." Yana looked at me. "And i will win. Because Yana is counting on me and if i fail i will let down the only person who gives a crap weather i live or die!" I walk away and Yana followed. " I wan't to fight too." "Yana I can not let you do that... you are way too important to me than anything else." I think she understud. That night i went into the forest. I made sure i wasnt followed. I made it into a clearing an yelled out " Antro face me!" He appeared in front of me. "So you came alone Shitaki" "Yes now we will end this." "You really think you can beat me? The night is my domain there is no way you can kill me now." "Oh really." I took off my glasses my eyes had a purplelish clear glow to them. "I hated your eyes..." My eyes had the ability to see in the dark. I got this power when i was a small kid. I was searching the cave that was near the village i must have gotten lost and fell into a dark dank pit. I sit there for days blind and confused not to mention scared. I tripped and hit my head on a rock and had a strange dream . I was still in the cave but i ran in to a very tall man with glowing eyes. He was bald and had a tank top. Then he grabed me then my eyes then let me down he asked what did i see i opened my eyes and said" Everything.."(I love that game.) Then i awoke. I saw all that was in the dark. I tried to figure out wether it was a dream or real. "I hate you Shitaki..." "I know ." "Let do this!" We rushed towards each other. I took out a kunai he his wakasashi. We deadlock then with the eyes i saw his true face. I saw demonlike teeth and his face was twisted with a permenant sneer. I jumped back he lunged forward i barely dodge the swords edge. I swipe at him with the kunai. He dodge all of my attacks and does some kind of force push i hit a tree. "Ha. As i thought you are nothing against my true power." I got back up and rushed towards Antro. I sliced his arm. "ah... Not bad my master... but.." The place where i sliced him closed up. " I won't go down from something like that." I attacked again and again his wounds keep closeing. I was not fully recovered yet... it was then i realized how weak i have become... I couldn't beat Naruto with out cheating... (his attack went right thourgh). I didn't want to let Yana down but there is no way to beat him unless... " Elemental Jutsu! Fire" "Ele...what?" I did the nessasery signs. "Let's see how you like this!" My firery body rushed towards him. I projected my self at him catching his entire body on fire. " Is it done."
His crisp body lay there but to my horror it got up and regenerated... " Nice try..."
"you... you truely are a demon..." "He.. Ha..HAHAHA. You have no chance to defeat me Shitaki." He was right i had no chance it that didn't get him nothing would.
I just stood there. Just then Yana came running to where we were. "Master..." "Yana... I'm sorry i broke my promise." Antro rushed at me i tryed to block his sword with the kunai it sliced thourgh. The sword cut my side. I fell to my knees. "Master!!!" Then Antro came back and stabbed me in the chest. Then Kakashi and the others came to the clearing. It was a strange feeling as i fell I was filled with a warm sensation. Yana ran over and held my head. "Master..." Tears ran down her cheeks. "Don't cry for me... " The others came running up. "Shitaki..." "Yana... before i die i have a gift for you..." I put my hand over her eyes. My eyes turn to a brown color. Hers turned into the glowing purple. "Now i will always be a part of you..." I smiled then my eyes shut. I died... She got up. In silence. "Yana you have to get out of here we'll try to take care of him." said Kakashi.
Then Yana said, "no Kakashi this Son of a Bitch is mine" She was furiuos. She rushed at Antro and he easly dodged the attack. " You think you can beat me... Stupid girl if Atoma couldn't even defeat me what makes you think you can." She rushed again and cut Antro's arm. As it regened she cut the other. " You really think those hurt." She rushed him again and again slice him each time and each time he regenerates. "Fool girl. You won't defeat me" "Soul Split!" She split into the Red one and the Queit one. "Your going down!" "oh, i really scared. Now there is Three weaklings." The quiet one teleported behind Antro and stabbed him in the back. "..."
"You'll have to do more than that" He kick her into a tree. The red rushed him and he did a sweep and as she was going down he back elbowed her in the face. Then while she was on the ground he kicked her in to the woods. The quiet one got up and rushed him at the same time Yana was rushing him. Antro blocked both of their attacks. " This has been fun. Now you all die!" "I've had enough!" screamed Naruto. He and his team rushed Antro. He quickly kick both of the girls and started to defend against the attacks of Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. Soon all five of them were on him and somehow still keep his own. He was blocking kunai left and right. Then he let off a yell. A invisible force pushed all five away. "Enough of this! You all die!" He walked toward the group slowly. They had no idea what he was going to do. Naruto and the others threw Surikens at Antro. All of them were instantly cut in half. "How did he!" "Naruto get away from here!" yelled Kakashi. "He is way to fast for you to run..." the quiet one said. "He would catch you before you could break for it." Antro was Three feet from them and then he let loose a flurry of cuts. The Group got the full bunt of it. They fell bleeding. Yana who was on her knees.She Looked up. Antro raised the blade. As it was coming down a clank was heard. "What the Hell!" Antro exclaimed. The Red One block the blade from coming down. "How did you?" "Your just too slow. Yana are you alright." "Yeah but why did..." "So you want some of Antro do you! Well you will get your wish!" He rushed The Red One and tried a downward swipe. She duck behind hime and cut his back. Enraged he furosusly attacked The Red One. Each time dodging by centimeters. "She isn't this powerful." said Kakashi. Then he look over to where my body lay and saw a log. " Where did he?" Looked over to The red one. "WHY CAN'T I HIT YOU!" yelled Antro. Then in my voice the red one said, " Someone with your limited skill can't kill me. You were lucky my student." The there was a explosion of smoke. "No... This can not be. I saw you die!" The smoke cleared i was standing there in my full battle attire. " HMP!" I rushed and punched him in the stomach. " How did he do it? I saw him die as well."
" I let you think I died. When in reality i was in my room at the academy. I was going to let the Clone die in my place to make it seem as if i died. I was in error I did not expect anybody to show up..." I looked to the ground. " I nearly lost someone I care about because i was a coward. But now I will take back my place as the Best Freelance Ninja in the World." Antro looked at me with anger and then he smiled a evil smile. "How touching... Ha. You were more clever then i remember. But you were a fool to try something like that." "No you were a fool to fall for it." We stared each other down waiting for the other to make a move. His finger was twiching and so was mine. Finally he came running at me i swift jumped over him. "To slow..." He turned back and tried to slice me. I ducked and triped him. Then he let loose a howl.
" I always knew you were a cur!" His eye's were glowing red. "I WILL KILL YOU! I WILL MAKE YOU DROWN IN YOUR OWN SCREAMS!" He was angry finally the demon inside him was breaking free. "Atoma! Get a way from him he is going to kill you!" "No he is not." I Flashed the signs for the Elemental Jutsu. "Elemental Justu." Shadows!" I dissappered into the darkness. "WHERE DID HE GO?" I appered behind him. "Right behind you..." i said in a whisper like voice. He looked back nothing was there. Then with a kunai i sliced his shoulder. "AHH!" "That won't regen..." Then i
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