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Jury Duty Anyone?

Cora Jane 2

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Ok well here it goes, my attempt for an interesting thread. I didn?t see a recent thread on it and I thought it would be fun. So here it goes?
[color=red]JURY DUTY[/color]
[color=green]Have any of you had to do jury duty? [/color]
[color=navy]I was selected and have had to go March 13, 2006 and I sat there for about an hour and then was sent home and told to call a number on Sunday. I went back March 20, 2006 and I sat there all day and wasn?t even pick to be a possible juror, but was told to come back March 21, 2006. Well I went back today and they sent me home and told me to call back yet again on March 22,2006. I find it rather ridiculous to have to come, sit, wait, and go just to do it over the next day. I think it is pointless to go and just to be sent home. I wasn?t picked so why did I have to come back just to be sent home? [/color]
[color=green]How did you feel about doing the service? What do you think of the judicial system? Do you agree with how the courts are run?[/color]
[color=navy]I guess I just have a hard time just sitting there and waiting to be sent back home when I am getting up about 4 hours before I normally would on a regular day. But personally I think that our judicial system is a mess. I think that doing the service and providing a fair trial is good and well, but everyone has a bias whether the say so or not.
The defense attorney brought up a good point today. [/color][color=green][I]How would you feel if say your mother/father/sibling/family member/ or significant other where on trial? Would you want the jury to be the same race as the person being tried? Would that make you feel more comfortable or would you rather have a jury of people of another race trying that person? [/color][color=red][b]Does Race Play A Factor?[/b][/color][/I]
[color=navy]I was just thinking and would like to hear others opinions on the topic,[/color][/size][/font]
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