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RPG Nightmares End IC


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Trevor opened his bottle of champagne and whistled at the days work. His bandits and him had caught what looked to be a rich noble. Trevor took a sip of the hostage's liquor and sighed. Life didn't get much better then this. Trevor took a peek out of the tent, and hollered for one of his men. "Hey Griffin! Bring some more of those drinks!! That noble has some mighty tasty liquor!" When Trevor looked around he found his men staring at two strangers. Trevor stumbled out of the tent and pointed his finger at intruders. "What the hell is going on here?"

"These two men here killed Bill and Lexus!" Griffin yelped. Trevor pushed past his men to get a good look at who was pissing him off. One was a tall man with a long blue cape, a white mask covered his face. The other had Long snow white hair reached past his waist. One golden eye sparkled at him , and the other was covered by a patch. Various parts of his body were bandaged. Trevor looked at William whose face was mutilated beyond belief.

"These men are dead." Trevor shouted as he reached for his dagger.
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