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RPG Welcome to Dead World IC


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It was August 29th 2005 , it was the first report, a man had gone berserk in a mall in a small N.Y. town. He atacked 3 people bitting them the last person had a chunk taken out of their neck and bleed to death. That day all rescue and emergency lines were tied up. thousands, Tens of thousands of calls regarding people bitting and mauling other people.
At first they labeled it mass hysteria , people going insane. It was more then that. The recently deceased begain to get up and attack any person in sight. People Crammed into government shelters, praying for this to pass, it took one week for over half the human population to die and return as zombies.Many shelters have been overwhelmed and any chance of fighting them off is lost. some how, some way, you have survived. Welcome to Dead World.
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