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Writing Mama's Fallen Angel (E)

Cora Jane 2

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[font=Garmond][size=2][color=blue][center][b][u]Mama's Fallen Angel[/b][/u]
I am a Fallen Angel
Running from everything
Running far away from home
Yet she loves me so.
Mama?s love for
Me so strong
Brought me home
Where I belong.
Mama?s Fallen Angel
Learning how to fly
Falling on my face
Wanting just to cry.
She loves me so
I know!
When I came running home.
Mama?s Fallen Angel
Gone so long
But came back home
Where I am to be.
Mama?s little girl
Left without reason
Running and afraid
Just wanting to be free.
Running was all I did
But I ran back home,
Mama?s Fallen Angel
Home at last
You see.
Life was so wrong
To me,
All I wanted
Was to die.
Mama?s Fallen Angel
Come home at last
And free.

I wrote this poem for my mom, because I am her Fallen Angel. I left a caption under the poem when I gave it to her, and it read:[/color]
[color=red]Thanks Mom for being there when I needed you the most. Thanks for believing in me when I didn't even believe in myself.[/color][/font][/size]
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