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Request Cowboy Bebop Avatar and Banner request


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[COLOR=Black][CENTER][SIZE=1][FONT=Impact]i would really like to know is someone can make me a cowboy bebop banner and avi with spike and faye on it? For the banner i would like it to somewhere have the names Emily and Josh on it. and the quote "And I'll never let you be alone when you die". Im not really picky about it, i just want it too look quite lovely.

and for the avi just have something with faye and spike on it and have the names emily and josh on it somewhere too? or the intials EKD and JRS, that'd be greatly appreicated!

thanks so much guys![/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#656446]Hope you like 'em!



Please tello me if I need to change anything.[/COLOR]
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