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Kill Game [M - VLS]


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[b]Chapter VII: Dark Bat meets Sakura Flower// More Than An Introduction.[/b]

[i]?Stand up, you know you have the right too.?[/i]

Sidearm turns his head to the man in charge muttering under his breath.

[i]?What was that, you know who?s in charge, and you know you failed to destroy the target. She?s on her own just now, you better get this done, so help me God.?[/i]

Sidearm smirked at Kurokawa's voice, replying [i]?No simpler said than done.?[/i]

Sidearm picked himself out of the seat and walked to the door, the cold breeze blowing underneath the door, swinging it open Sidearm walked out into the cold streets of Russia, the tickets were already booked, he was going back to Japan to finish off the job.

[b]Characters Involved[/b]: Sakura and JJ
[b]Posting Order[/b]: 1) JJ, 2) Sakura
[b]Rules[/b]: This battle will not kill either one of the competitors, JJ's character has history with Sakura's character in the world of Kill Game, this history will revealed later on. But, no-one dies, Sakura can you please leave it somewhere where either of you could die. Thank you.
[b]Location[/b]: Tokyo, Japan
Sakura you were in Japan for 'unknown' reasons to everyone, and JJ is in Japan to terminate you.

So let us begin with Chapter VII, Dark Bat meets Sakura Flower.
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