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Initial D - Mega NRG Man - Burnin Desire

Guest Prick Wizard

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Guest Prick Wizard
I think that Initial D have came along leaps and bounds since the hit "tribute (greatest and best song in the world)".

From almost heavy dark death grind punk/metal rock to burnin desire which is a great piece of hi nrg turbofunk madness.

I wanna be close to you
I wanna see your body move
Don't take the axe
Can you make me hot tonight
I'm like a ork, I'm busting out

It's a burning desire (it's burnin' me)
It takes my heart and my soul (whoa whoa)
Because you're just like a demon
I'm going out of control
And it drives me crazy
I'm like an ork, I'm slaying elves

Lyrics go *something* like that, haven't got the track at hand just now.

Brilliant brilliant track, it's great to see such good musicians taking such an interest in orks/fantasy/anime as much as we do.

Great stuff, and enchanted helmuts off to mega nrg man for his contribution aswell.
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