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Immigration Bill


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-Senate Panel approves the immigration bill-

What are your thoughts? I'm not really politically inclined but this topic was the hot thing that has been going around in my school. People, namely students, on the streets walking and protesting. I haven't really taken any much thought about it until now. So what were the sides in my point of view (excuse the lack of information):

2 Sides to the coin:

1. The immigrants are taking up the jobs that we don't. (i.e. cleaning the sewers, picking up trash on the freeway). Most citizens also house them (ugh it seems like I'm referring to the immigrants as a different species >:|) so the citizens who are found associated with the immigrants are considered felons.

The other side:

2. Just because the immigrants take the dirty work, they're excluded from paying taxes? American doesn't manufacture anything, most products come from 3rd world countries, unemployed US citizens should be taking those jobs.

Again, excuse the lack of information/opinions/examples on both sides. I'll see if I can get any more information on this topic. This affects everyone either directly or indirectly. So what are your thoughts on it? Were you pro or con? Why?
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