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[QUOTE=Takanutsu]Hey im new hear im a huge manga fan and even bigger trigun fan!!

What anime do you mostly draw like and why?

i draw my characters like trigun characters because the maker is a great inspiration to me and his art is incredible.[/QUOTE]

I like to draw mostly Naruto characters especially Hinata & kakashi
because for me..they're the easiest to draw especially hinata &theyre my fave characters! :animesmil
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Ah, yes: Nightow-sensei's art is very good, just a little hard to follow if you've been out of the swing of the series for a while.
Fanart-wise, I don't do that well unless I'm copying another drawing (Like cover art or one of the full-page illustrations in Shonen Jump.) I can hardly draw my own characters, let alone somebody elses... :animedepr
But, I do like to draw Faust-kun from Shaman King (but I can never get his hair quite right... It took me three attempts to turn out a decent picture of him... :animedepr You'd figure that if a guy has hair that is a tangled mess and stands up almost every which way it would be easier to draw, but noooooooooooooooooooo...!)[/COLOR]
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