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Request Ichimaru vs. Hitsugaya (Bleach) banner request


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[FONT=Palatino Linotype]Hello again,

I've been pretty confused on what to put on my sig at the moment as said on the one under this post now. But then, I've watched bleach and found both Hitsugaya and Ichimaru awesome! And since they're more like enemies, I would really love it to put them under hostile situation on the banner I requested.

To sum it all, here's my request. I would like a banner with both Hitsugaya and Ichimaru on it, and as I said before, I want them to be on a hostile situation (facing each other with angered face, clashing swords, etc.). I want the background to match their situation, any works but I expect the best. :animesmil

I don't have any references, sorry everyone.

That's all, I hope I wasn't asking too much..:animeblus[/FONT]
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[COLOR=#656446]Wai~! It's an Ichimaru request!


Um, if you want me to change anything on this banner, let me know. I can make something simpler if you want. Also, would you like a matching avatar?[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype]That's cool one Delta! But I would like Hitsugaya and Ichimaru seemed like fighting or any situation that makes them enemy to each other.

That banner's fine too, if no one else gonna post their banner I think I'll take that one. (I've already saved it on my comp :animesmil).

Thx Delta![/FONT]
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype]That's cool too sarge! As I said before, any works but I expect the best.

Good luck sarge! :D

EDIT: I've been thinking about your offer of matching avatar.....at first I didn't really want it, but then the urge of having it seemed to had increased in me. So yeah, if you could, please make one for me too Delta.[/FONT]
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