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My Heart is Trapped In This Prison( PG)

Guest kuroinuyoukai

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Guest kuroinuyoukai
I wrote this poem Thursday morning and thought I would post it. Criticism welcome.

My Heart is trapped in this prison
That only you can find
I gave you the map
And you hold the key
This dungeon of loneliness consumes it me
It is killing my soul

You enter my fortress of broken dreams
You enter it with such curiosity
My heart feels you near
And screams for you
Pleading for you to set it free

But thoughts of her take you away
I am left in this prison
Chained by my love for you
I fall to my knees
And wait for the time that you will return to set me free.

Yet every day you return
Your love for her
Crushing my heart into nothing
Like the dust beneath your feet
I start to wither slowly in my house of pain.

My heart wants nothing but your happiness.
I want release but only you can do it.
You freed me once
But the cruel fates have thrown back into this dungeon
I need you to love me
Without you, I will fade away.

Oh cruel fate what have you done to me?
Why must I love someone
Who loves another
My heart is calling you
But you are deaf to all hearts but hers

I wish you much happiness
But I will remain here
In my dungeon of dread
I guess I will be here
Until I wake up dead.

Kuroinuyoukai 3/29/06
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