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Any Infantilists here?

Tical's Foxboy

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I have a blanky, but its more of a relic of my youth. I also walk around with soft toys when im out at night; but thats more of a club kid thing. I love all kids toys and books and stuff, but sadly it is all just about cute and cudely things in a harsh metropolitan. No dypers and calpol for me.
I thought id reply though because when i read the post i had the strangest image of dark from dnangel, ie your avatar, in a dyper with a bottle and sitting on dyskies knee bouncing him up and down.
*laughs and falls of chair*
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[COLOR=Indigo]I am familiar with it, only because it?s very difficult to treat. At least in the more severe cases that is. The biggest problem is that often it is mistaken for a fetish when usually it begins long before puberty. A good Analogy is:

[I]A transvestite wears women?s clothing for sexual gratification, and clearly a fetish. On the other hand a transsexual wears women?s clothing from the desire to ?become? a woman and some cases with SRS the transformation is complete, and this is not a fetish for a transsexual. I see true infantilism as more connected to the transsexual aspect of this analogy. In essence, for the true infantile individual, a diaper is not a fetish but rather a Transitional Object with it?s origins in early childhood.[/I]

If you really want to know more about it here are two sites that explain it quite well: [URL=http://www.toddlertime.com/dx/regression/infantilism.htm]What is True Infantilism?[/URL] and [URL=http://www.toddlertime.com/dx/regression/advanced-baby.htm]The Advanced Baby[/URL] (Which is where I got the Analogy from) Anyway, the cases I've encounted have been with children who were abused or were witnesses to one of their parents being abused. [/COLOR]
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