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Request Chi Banner and Icon Request

Momiji Love

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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]I'm finally back on Otaku, and I think I need a make-over.
So I was wondering if someone could make me a banner and icon.
Here be the details:

Character: Chi of Chobits
Main colors: Blue, white and silver
Pictures: I'd like them of her in the butterfly dress (as featured on cover 3)
I'll try to find them if you need me to,but I'm not very good.
Other:If you have any examples, I'd love to see them.

Sorry if I sound picky. Just want to look good! ^.^

April 19th, 2006.
Well I figured I'd look for some pictures and maybe make this request a bit more...attractive.
So here are the few I could find. Maybe this is too hard...


I also found a [URL=http://chobits.cgx-online.com/?lien=picturebook]website[/URL] that has quite a few pictures, including the "World Without People" picture book.
And to worsen the situation, I would also like that to be included somehow.
If at all possible.
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