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Writing Futures Pt.2 [PG]


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[U]Futures Pt.1 [/U]

The world is what you make it. You can build it with your own hands, and ou can destroy it with your own hands. Imagine yourself as a girl trapped in her own world, her own nightmare. She cannot escape, she cannot thrive on her own. This is her story.

At Jyusei High school in Tokyo, a girl sits at her desk with her head in her hands as she stares down at her paper that had a red slash through it. Another failure. Tears streamed down her face as she imagined what her mother would do, and what her father would have done if he was still alive. He wouldn't be proud of her, she thought. She thought that SHE was a failure, and that she would go nowhere because of her grades. But, all she needed to do was believe in herself. That was in 2074. Technology has improved drastically since 2006, and they have improved transportation as well. They have developed a way to travel to the planet Mars and Venus. Though, that mode of transportation is very risky and dangerous. Lina has always wanted to go to Mars, just to get away. She walked out of the school building, her long black hair blowing behind her in the wind. Her pale, emerald eyes darted back and forth, as if she was on guard, ready to be attacked. She walked down to the air subway, which was basically the subway, but instead of having wheels on rails, it floated on air. "I wonder... maybe... maybe I could reach Mars one day.. maybe I could.. be.. happy one day...". Then, she ran into a man with shoulder-length black hair and ice blue eyes. "Hey, watch where you're going!" He pushed her into the wall of the subway. She sat there, her white and blue school uniform ripped, and her arm bleeding from a metal bar scraping it. She just kind of sat there with a blank look on her face, and then she got up. "You shouldn't hit girls, mister." He looked over to her. " Shut up, you can;t tell me what to do, brat!" This time, when he went to push her, she grabbed his arm and kicked him. Then the doors to the subway opened, and she walked out with a sad look on her face. "Looks like I won't be making any new friends anytime soon... Maybe I'm just not meant to have.. friends..."

[U]Futures Pt.2[/U]

As Lina walked in the door, her mother stopped her. "How'd you do on that test you took, Lina? Did you get a passing grade? I hope so, for your sake." Lina just looked to the floor and crumpled up the paper and threw it on the ground and ran up to her room. Oh, how she wished that she would die in her sleep, that she would be in the hospital and have them say that she wouldn't make it. She was emotionally scarred from the abuse she suffered now, and the abuse she had suffered in the past. She wanted to get away so badly, and she didn't seem to care what the cost was. She looked at her ceiling fan with her dead eyes and watched it slowly rotate, daydreaming of an eden that she could escape to. She had no friends, she had no life. She looked through her sketchbook a little later and looked through her drawings of her "alternate world". There were great vast meadows with huge mountain arches. The sky was red with silver clouds slowly rolling across it. She thought of her sister that was also killed in the "accident" along with her father. Her sister had meant everything to her and she was devastated when she found out that she had actually died on a prototype ship that was going to Mars. It had gotten a hole blown in it from something floating through space, and gravity took control. Both her sister and her father had been taken be the black abyss we call space. A tear rolled down her cheek as she imagined them again, alive and well, though she knew perfectly well that they would never be that way again. Her hip-length black hair fell over her shoulders, and she cried softly before her mother banged on the door, screaming at her for the grade she got. "What is this, Lina?!? You're such a failure!! You'll never suceed at anything! You're no good, Lina, you're no good. I don't need you to be here, taking up space! Unless you bring your grades up, I'm cancelling your schooling as well! I don't need to pay for this crap anymore! I'm sick of you!" Lina cried, and laid face-down on her bed. "No.. I'm not needed here on Earth, but I'll have a better life.. on Mars." As everyone fell asleep at midnight that night, Lina opened her eyes, packed her things, and climbed out onto the tree by her 2-story bedroom window and climbed down it. She took one last look at the place she called home for so long, and ran down the street towards the spaceport.
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Interesting, though could use a little work. Might I suggest, since Part one was locked, editing your post to include part one above part two? Also, you might be better off introducing Lina's time and environment before introducing her, you know what I mean?
I'd like to read more, it's rather interesting so far.
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[u]Futures Pt.3[/u]

Lina neared the spaceport at about 2am, and she was very tired, and heartbroken. She opened the doors and went to the main office where the lead programmer was. She fell in the doorway, and the programmer, a handsome man with pale skin, blue hair, and red eyes helped her up and sat her down in his big executive chair. She didn't explain much. "I.. want.. I want to go.. to Mars... I know that your last trip.. ended in disaster, but I want to.. I want to go.. My father and sister were both killed on that flight, but I don't intend to give up so easily. I'm strong.. I can take it... Please.. I don't want to go back home.. I don't want to go back there... ever..." She looked down at the cherry-wood desk and sighed. He looked troubled at this, and put his hand on the desk, on top of her hand. "It's alright... don't be sad. If you really want to go to Mars, I'll go with you. We've gotten a couple hundred people up there already, and they are stationed there so they might be of some help if we ever get another ship up there without any problems. We can leave tomorrow morning, and until then, you can sleep here." He pointed to a couch on the other side of the room and handed her a pillow and a warm blanket. "Here. This should keep you warm until morning. I won't let anything happen to you during the night, so don't worry." He smiled, and watched her lay down, and then he sat back down in his chair, and mapped out the route they would take in the morning. They would go to Mars, just like Lina wanted.

[u]Futures Pt.4[/u]

The sun rose the next morning, and Lina slowly opened her eyes. She fixed her skirt and straightened her shirt and necklaces. She grabbed her suitcase and he showed her the way to the ship. It was red, and it was huge. Lina couldn't imagine how one of these would have crashed. The man handed her a picture. It was of the crew with her father and sister in it. They looked so happy, Lina's eyes filled with tears. "By the way, my name is Rion. Let's go, we have no time to waste." As they took off, Lina took one last look down at the place she had lived at her whole life. She wasn't quite sure if she would miss it or not, but she thought that she probably wouldn't. After all, she basically had no one who cared for her, and she had no friends on top of that. All she could remember of the Earth was all the bad things that happened to her. She wondered if her mother woujld miss her, although she doubted it. The Earth looked so beautiful from the sky, she couldn't imagine how something so beautiful could be so corrupt. They entered outer space, and Lina took a deep breath as the ship swerved around metal from the ship that her father and sister were on. Parts were still floating around from the accident that befell them. She tried not to remember that day and how sad she was, but it was inevitable. Back on Earth, her mother cried when she awoke the next morning and found Lina gone. "This must be all my fault.. I'm not treating her like she should be treated.. I'm a bad mother.. I shouldn't have gotten the privelage of being her mother, it was one I didn't deserve.. and now she is gone.. who knows if I'll ever see her again.." As her mother said this, she found a shattered picture frame of the ship Lina's father and sister were on. "She.. she must've gone.. to Mars.. but.. she might.. oh my god! I have to do something!" She ran out the door as she grabbed her coat, and ran down the street to the spaceport, but when she got there, there was a sign on the door that said: 'Gone to Mars. Not sure when I'll return, but email me if you have any questions: [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email]' "Oh no.. I'm too late.. they've already gone.." Lina's mother fell to her knees and sobbed, her grayish black hair blowing in the wind behind her. She looked like an older Lina, but not quite the same. She didn't know what to really make of the situation, so she sat there, in front of the spaceport, and cried until she couldn't cry anymore.

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Have merged these threads because you only need one thread per story. Posting a thread each chapter just clutters up the forum. -- Lady Asphyxia.[/color][/size][/font]
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