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RPG Final Fantasy:Aeris's Resurrection[sign up]


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This is the whole plot to the story.I waited till some people joined before i put it up:
Cloud and Tifa are living happily in their villa in Costa del Sol,Barret is now the mayor of a whole new North Corel,Yuffie is residing in Wutai with her father,Cid who got married to Shera still soars through the sky with his 6 year old son and wife,Vincent is in Kalm,Cait Sith is in Golden Saucer [I]trying[/I] to do fortune telling,and RedXIII is studying in Cosmo Canyon.Cloud begins to have dreams about that dreadful day when Sephiroth killed Aeris.He begins to wonder about if Aeris could be resurrected.She wasn't any ordinary human she was an ancient.......
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