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Alright, in June I am taking the ACT test. I really need to make at least a 21 on this, and so now I'm studying really hard every night. I dread math the most, and then science. If anyone could give me advice or links to good math sites I would appreciate it. I also dread the time limit *sigh*.
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[color=#b0000b][size=1]You've probably already taken several standardised tests that have the same format as the ACT, so you should be familiar with it. (If you're not sure, look at your test prep booklet--I'm pretty sure they come free with the registration materials--and take the practice test.) Just make sure you know how it is set up, so you know what is coming.

Your local library is almost 100% guaranteed to have test prep books as well. If you want "professional" advice, check out the ACT for Dummies or something like that. Possibly your high school library will have copies of those sorts of books as well.

As for math and science:

1.) Remember that all the math _can_ be done without a calculator. Now, I recommend using a calculator (it saves a lot of time), but you don't need to do anything fancy with it! Don't start using weird functions--remember that they aren't needed. If you've got no clue how to start, skip it and come back to it later. I circle my "do this later" problems in the test booklet, to make sure I don't forget. It helps. (On another note, make sure you are using the calculator you are most familiar with. Don't buy a new calculator just for the ACT--it will be more trouble than it is worth.)

2.) Science is not really about _science_. Unless they have changed the test drastically from the way it was three years ago, you probably don't need to know a thing about science. What you need to know is [b]how to read a graph[/b]. They give you graphs and charts and ask you questions about them. All of the answers are there, you just need to find them. Don't be intimated if the subject is "nuclear fusion" or "endothermic trends in decaying wood." Remember: You don't need to know anything about the subject!

Aside from that: DO take practice tests. They will have the same sorts of questions that you will have on your test. Go through the tests, and check your answers. If you got an answer wrong (or know you were guessing), ask someone for help--figure out [b]why[/b] your answer was wrong, [i]and[/i] figure out [b]how[/b] to get the right answer. Your school has math, science, and English teachers--take in a copy of a practice test (with your answers marked), and ask them to go through it with you.

This is important! If you don't understand why your answer is wrong now, you won't understand why it's wrong when you take the test.

Finally, when you are taking the test, make sure you're comfortable. Bring a sweatshirt that you can put on or take off if you get too hot/cold. Bring your favorite (healthy?) snack for the intermission--it's a three hour test, and you do get a break. Bring a water bottle--they are allowed in the test room. Make sure you have at least two pencils (even if you are using mechanical pencils--have at least two in case one jams), and a big eraser (in case, goodness forbid, you realise that you've been filling in answers one row off.) On that note, [b]mark your answers IN THE TEST BOOKLET[/b]. When you finish going through once, or when the proctor announces the 5-minute time left, copy your answers onto the bubble sheet. It's faster to do it that way than it is to constantly switch back and forth between the booklet and the sheet.

If your desk is uncomfortable--one leg is shorter than the others, there's a screw sticking out, anything like that--ask to be relocated. If you're annoyed with your surroundings, your performance won't be as good as it could be.[/color][/size]
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrchid]I would highly suggest getting an ACT Prep book. Last year, before I took the ACT, I took an ACT Prep class at my school. I didn't really think it would help, but I jumped my scores from a 17-20 at the start of class, and then I got a 27 on my actual ACT. The book we used was the Kaplan ACT 2003, but I think now they have the Kaplan ACT 2006. If I were you, I would buy one, and read it through from front to back. There's only a whole bunch of practice tests and also some really good tips and tricks that will help.

My only other advice is to make sure you set a good pace. It's good to know how long each question is taking you and to divide the time. Like I need to be to question 40 by 10:15. Keep making time goals so that you can answer every question, whether it's guessing or not. You don't get points deducted for guessing, so do it.

And don't come to school on pain killers, I should've had a score of 31 :animesigh [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Xliquidousx, I have to admit that I myself am getting ready for the ACT. I can't give you the best of advice, but like what Maneki Neko has stated, you should invest in an ACT Prep. books. If you don't know what books to get, I can help you with two titles. The first book (that's the one I have) is titled "The ACT for Dummies" by Suzee Vlk. This book is filled with good pointers and advice. It tells you what questions to look out for, and how to identify them. The ACT is based on psychology, literally. It's main purpose is to try and trick you. All you have to do is try and weed out what the answers you know are obviously wrong, and what answers are defiantly right. Between the right answers you pick out the one that is most right, meaning that these ACT tests are designed to freak you out and play on your nerves. My advice, remain calm and play it cool.

Another book title is "ACT! 2006 for Dummies" by Karen S. Fredricks. I don't have this book, so I can't really share any insights. And um, that's all I have to say about that ( Wanted to use that quote from "Forrest Gump". I watched it last night. A great film.), and good luck on your ACT, Xliquidousx.

I know not much of a good advice, but hey, I tried.[/Color][/Size]
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[FONT=Century Gothic] [COLOR=DarkOrange]I took the ACT 3 times. I got a 30 on my last try. I used a ACT study book, and i highly recommend going out and getting it. It's the Princeton Review. It has a bunch of tricks to help you do well on the test. Also i'd say the best way to prepare is take a lot of practice tests. And one last thing, don't buy any old study book for the ACT. Some of 'em really really suck and end up hurting you more than helping you. So do some research on the book before you buy it. Though i will vouch for the Princeton Review, it's about the best one you can get. You can find 'em at any major book store.

Good Luck ^L^
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