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Request Boogiepop Phantom Banner Request


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I would like to request someone to make a banner from Boogiepop Phantom. In specific here is what I would like:

--An image of Boogiepop in the center, preferably the real (Touka) Boogiepop, and not the Manticore-faced Boogiepop (If you have no idea what I mean, then either works)

--A backgroud of the "Butterflies of Light" that Manaka creates

--The word "Shinigami" in the upper-left corner, and the word "Noir" in the lower-right corner

I greatly appriciate anyone who would be willing to help out. Thank you in advance.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]One thing led to another and i just found my self stuffng around with paint so this is what i came up with. There is only slight variation between the three... i dont even think you can see the last one has a dark blue border. I havent seen Boogiepop so im not sure if i got the character right. If u want anything edited let me know.[/COLOR]



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Wow, great work, Illusion. I really like them, and you did pick the right character. I just have one small change to ask for. Can you pick a different font, and apply it to number two? The current font is somewhat hard to read.

Thank you.
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