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High School Theatre Budget


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Here is my problem: my high school was unable to go to the national thespian festival this year because we are unable to afford it, yet other schools in our state are able to go. So the problem for us is obviously money. I wish to fix this. Now, the state in which I live is not very wealthy, but I still believe that they have made an excess in cutting of theatre/art budgets in our schools. My theatre department barely has enough money to put on a single musical, yet the football and other sports teams seem to have plenty of money to do their activities just fine. ( I know, many people wrongly think that football is more important than art ). However, I wish to help solve this budget cut problem And the way I wish to do this is by politely writing a letter to the board asking for X amount of money for our budget. If this is unsuccessful, I would write a letter being more demanding and have petitions signed. I would like anyone's advice if they could give it, and advice on choosing the amount that would be good for our aim. Thank you.
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[color=#b0000b][size=1]I think it's really cool that you're doing this.

If you're going to be asking for money (as much as it would be more fair if you already had it), you're going to need to show some enthusiasm for the organisation outside of the letter, as well. Talk to your faculty advisor, and perhaps the cafeteria--ask if you can have a bake sale during lunch hour some time. Make it obvious that the sale is for the theater program.

Make sure that other people in the school realise that you exist. Possibly put on a couple skits and see if you can get one of the art classes to make posters.

Actually, in a case like this it's not a bad idea for the art/music/theatre people to band (har har) together. If you don't already have something like this, start an Arts Program Potluck--or even an ice cream social--to be held toward the end of the year. Display art projects, put on a short comedy skit, see if there's a flute trio willing to play a couple songs. It shouldn't be a big concert or performance, but make sure each group is represented before (or while) you eat.

Potlucks and ice cream socials (one out of ten people brings a gallon of ice cream, everyone else brings a topping) are great because there's very little cost to you--less cost if you can also assign someone to bring paper plates/bowls/cups/napkins/utensils.

At some point during the meal, have a student (that's important; parents will listen to kids more than they will listen to teachers asking for money) talk about how important the art programs are, how tight the budget is, and ask parents to write letters to the board (or whoever).

It would be a good idea if you printed off roughly enough postcards for every family group there--the front could be an arts program logo, or simply drawn by an art student--and asked people to send them.

The postcard might say something like this on the back:

[i]Dear [person you are asking for money],
My child is a member of the _________ program [art/theatre/music] at [your school] in [your town]....[/i]

Finish it with a polite request for money, and a gentle note that these people are voting members of society.

But yeah, good luck.

Make sure you get parents involved, so they know what's going on. (The reason the combined art program thing is cool is because it draws in parents of students who aren't already in theatre.

This post isn't as smoothly written as it could be, but I don't have time to edit it because I'm late for class as it is. Gotta run![/size][/color]
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