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Writing Not So Far Gone, Naruto fic, PG


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This is my first fic that I'm posting here, it'll be short, but I hope you like it. It's either a one-shot, or maybe a two-shot. If this does well. then I'll post longer fics. They'll probably before less fluff, and more voilence and angst as well. Enjoy! This probably has some spoilers in it, if you don't know about Itachi, Tsunade, and The Valley of End.

PG for character death, language, and thoughts of sucide. if a mod would like me to chnage this rating, please tell me and I'd be happy to do so.

[B]Not So Far Gone[/B]

[I]Sasuke's POV[/I]

It wasn't that hard to relize what the blonde meant. Really. Hokage-sama suggests a S-class mission involving that bastard and he immedity puts his hand up. tsunade then told him to pick a team, and what does he say?

"I want to do this alone."

What's the dobe thinking? For one, he can't handle Itachi on his own. And two, I'm the only one aloud to kill my brother! I had to raise my hand.

"Your stupider then I thought dobe. You must relize facing Itachi alone is a suicide mission." Even though I've done it once or twice and lived. Anyway, Hokage-sama nodded her head in agreement.

Naruto didn't answer, he just stared at the floor. That's how I knew what he meant. He knew well that he'd get killed facing Itachi, he didn't care. I was about to say something when Kakashi silenced me by placing a hand on my shoulder. he must have relized it too, and from the look on her. So had Tsunade. The only person in the room who didn't seem to get it was Sakura.

Tsunade sighed and handed Naruto the scroll and he popped out of the room with a bow.

"What hell do you think your doing Hokage-sama?!" Sakura had apparently figured out what was happening and she had decided to let Inner Sakura out. I shudder at the thought.

While thw two female ninja's argued and Kakashi tried to calm them, though I think he enjoyed it, I slipped out of the room. I teleported into Naruto's house and watched as he packed up his instant raman.

[I]Regular POV[/I]

"Hey Sasuke," he mumbled, without looking up. They knew each other's chakra enough to know when it was the other one.

"What hell do plain on accomplishing dead Dobe?" Sasuke asked him, grabbing his wrist and forcing the blonde to face him. "What happened to the Naruto who would die for this village? Who was going to be Hokage? Who saved me from myself?"

"He died. He died the first time I fought Kyuubi." The blonde pulled his wrist free put didn't move away from the Uchiha's gaze. "That bastard fox began to get stronger and now, if I don't get away, he'll get out and destroy Konoha. I'm still gonna die for the village."

"You'd let my brother kill you because of some goddamn fucked up fox?! Why not fight him? You can regain control."

"To say I ever had control over Kyuubi is like saying Lee likes Ino. I've never controlled him, he's just simply killed me from the inside out. The only way to top him is for me to die. And I know you'll hate me if i kill myself."

"Then let me kill you." The blonde looked up at Sasuke with shock. "You've been the brother Itachi wasn't to me Naruto, let me be the one to end your pain." The blonde looked away.

"I could never ask you to do that."

"You don't have to ask, and besides? You would you prefer to have kill me, or my bastard of a brother?"

The blonde smiled and Sasuke pulled him into a brotherly embrace. "I'll miss you."

"You won't for long, Tsunade-baachan promised to carve my face into the Hokage mountain, even if I die before becoming the 6th Hokage." Sasuke faintly chuckled. "What's this? The great Sasuke Uchiha is laughing? At least I got to see that before I die."

Sasuke's smile faded away. "You sure you want me to do this?" Naruto nodded and Sasuke began to gather charka into his hand. The sound of a thousand birds filled the apartment. And then it was silenced.

All that was left in that room was a smiling boy, and a crying, yet smiling, boy who held the first. "Dobe." And the last looked towards the window and the Hokage Mountian. He'll saw Naruto's face on the earth.

"Bastard. . ." It whispered, and then vanished, like the life of the man in his arms. Happy, and free, and not so far gone.


What did you think? It was still angsty, sure, but it wasn't terriable. Like it? Hate it? Love it? Want to throw half digested fruit at it? Please tell!
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