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RPG Akuma Warriors( kinda like a mix between FF and KH...[M LSV


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ok b4 i post the story let me give u the low down.....
first thing are the bad guys(shadow riders and shadow monsters) shadow riders are lite riders turned evil.. but i will get into that a lil later but 4 now let me explane the info u have 2 put for your char
EXP Level: (example LV 2 every 20 levels a player is leveld up and so is their weapon players gain EXP by defeeting monsters the higher the LV of the monster the more EXP)
cloths( example golden armor top with golden armored pants 4 the bottom)
weapon( every weapon starts out at LV 1 and gains 1 EXP each time the player defeets a monster or more depending on the LV of the monster)
pet pal( every player does not have 2 have one but 4 playsers that do want one they are like 10 types ofcomion pet pals: cat dog bird frog fish mouse lizzard sqwril snake and racoon but their are many more pet pals 2 chose from)
side( example the shadow or lite) and thats it now 4 the stroy line

( 15 year old vash toka was walking home one day with a black hoodie on with the hood on covering his face and a littel bit of his golden hair sticking out his hands in his blue baggy jeans with his all white sneekers on and suddinly he passed a game store with a poster on the window saying: reserve your copy of the new online RPG AKUMA WARRIORS only 30 dollars)
vash) hmmm akuma warriors? sounds like a good game...maybe i will reserve a copy( vash walks in the store and up 2 the counter)
mike) hi and welcome to gamers stop may i help you?
vash) yeah i saw a poster outside about that game akuma warriors?
mike) OH YEAH would u like 2 reserve a copy?
vash) yeah
mike) ok that will be 30 dollars littel dude
(vash hands him the money)
mike) thanks littel dude ok now we need a phone nuber
(vash writes his phone nuber on a fourm)
vash) their ya go
mike) ok we will call you as soon as we get them in stock
vash) thanks bye( vash walks out store)
vash thinks: cant wait till they get it in stock
(vash looks at his watch and sees it is 6:37)vash) AHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT IM LATE(vash runs off)
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