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Request Black Banner & Avatar


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Hi everybody.

If you may not have noticed, but I have no avitar because it "Cant be found for some reason", I was wondering if you guess could help me get a new image.

I recently bought the game Black. It is a first person shooter with a heck of a lot of guns and explosions. It is about a group of the government, "Black Ops", which basically takes down terrorists by [U]any[/U] means possible.

The cover of the box is a bunch of bullets and shells littering the floor. All different types, from AK-47 to Magnum bullets. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this difficult order. I would like the banner to be black, with the words "BLACK" on the bottom right-hand side. I would like it to be the same way as it is on the cover with the bullet hole in the "B", but if that is too difficult, I understand. Also, I would like the words: "All Guns Blazing" on the majority of the banner. With the Avitar, I would be content with it being a simple black avitar with a few bullet holes filled into it.

Thank you for all of the help

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