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Writing To Find the Infection [M-VSL]


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I thought since To Find the Infection 3 was finished on the RPG section, I might as well redo the first two, fixing the story format. Here's chapter one I suppose...

[CENTER][B][U]To Find the Infection[/U][/B]
By Red16

[U]Chapter 1: The Beginning[/U][/CENTER]

The earth was calm, well, as far as the human eye can tell, calm. Leaves skipped along the ground, bushes and shrubs guarded the one way road that entered and exited the wooden city. It was a small town, which was about one-hundred yards in length, maybe even diameter, but this isn?t the case. The town only had a few houses, sewn together with hay and wooden boards that have fattened from past rain. The years had been bad to the village, which may be the reason why everyone left in the first place. To the very corner of the village, where the shrubs and bushes ended, and where the gateway to the land of demons and monsters humans can?t even comprehend, lay a bar, a simple bar, which served simple alcohol. That?s all, just a very poor, very small, town. Welcome to Earth, and welcome to this village, in the early years of civilization, where bartering was the only method of survival, and where the small become the colossal.

Some more leaves rushed quickly passed the dirt tracks called a street, passing the path of a young teenage boy. A newcomer had arrived in the city, his name was Zain. An orphan of the planet Earth, he managed to live off the harsh forest land since his seven years of life. This boy was special, he had an ability that no human can possibly attain. Living in the harsh forest that outskirts the village, he had become completely intoned with nature, and its mighty wrath, as well as its calm happiness.

Zain looked around the small village, though there was barely anything to really gaze at. He sensed a very disturbing energy signal while he did his daily meditation, a small ritual that allowed him to balance his powers, and increase them. The Earth was hurting, it was in pain. It was as if the Earth had an infection. Zain was a good child, he is one of those who must always do the right thing; He now had to find what exactly was causing the Earth so much pain, but, without any knowledge of where to go, and how to socialize with others, he would need some help.

A loud shriek caught Zain?s attention. The noise was coming from the bar. It figures though, fights always start up between drunks. The bartender usually laughs and sends the loser to the upper regions of the outside forest, only for them to turn up battered and bruised from evil demons that border the village, and in some cases, show up as a corpse lying on the side of the shrubs. In this bar, only two types of people would be found: Warriors, and Drunks.

Zain smiled as he walked toward the direction of the bar, dust kicking up behind his sewn up and damaged combat boots made by his mother during his childhood. He figured that warriors that would be willing to help would lie in the bar. He looked down at his brown combat boots. He was beginning to outgrow them. He?d make more soon.

A man came shooting out of the bar door, breaking it on impact. The man shot like a bullet towards a tree that had sprouted in the outskirts of the city. His body easily shot through the tree, making a hole in the tree?s upper body. The man fell flat on his face, bleeding out from his head and nose. The Demons would have food for another day. The tree collapsed seconds later.

A man came walking out of the bar only moments later, cracking his knuckles, and slamming his fists together. Zain stared at the man, he obviously wasn?t human. He bore two angelic wings, meaning that he was one of the rarest species on Earth. Hell, those things were even rare in the universe. Simply put, an angelic demon. Zain looked at the newcomer, as the demon pointed toward the dying man.

?Come back anytime you want to fight you bastard!? this new man yelled. His wings flapped a bit, the feathers stretched unnoticeably. He looked Zain square in the eyes. He knew this was no ordinary being, he sensed a strange radiance flowing from the young man?s body.

?What are you?? the man asked Zain.

Zain couldn?t really respond, so, he simply asked in return, ?What and who are you? You?re definitely not another one of these humans?? A gust of wind quickly fires up out of nowhere, and blows at Zain?s back with a force that rattled some of the fragile neighborhood houses. Zain chuckled a bit, thinking to himself. ?The wind blows in the direction of a friend. He is to be my partner. The wind has told me, and the wind is never wrong.? Zain stared at this new ?friend? with a squinted looking face. ?My name is Zain, I am the defender of the Earth, and it is your destiny to join me.? He said, pointing towards demon.

?Ha, Destiny huh? Well, I guess the drunk will have to wait.? The angelic man spoke aloud, staring back at the now dead drunk. Ants had already begun climbing over and around him, investigating this new development. The Demon flapped his wings in the air again. He spoke the obvious, ?I am an Angelic Demon, one of the last on this planet,? he then looked at the tiny teenager, at least, compared to the demons massive height, ?and I?m supposed to join you in doing what exactly?? he asked, his flapping wings started to kick up some dust and rocks that lie helplessly around them.

Zain looked back at the man. ?The Earth is in danger,? said Zain, ?Soon, it will start to wither away, until it is totally gone, along with its inhabitants.? Zain continued to stare at the demon, making direct eye contact. ?Do you doubt me demon?? Zain asked. ?Observe?? Zain pointed toward the shrub from where the man was lying. The tree that had collapsed was beginning to dissolve. It liquefied into a puddle of gray muck, then evaporated into gas and floated away. ?That?s what is killing the planet?? Zain explained to the demon.

The demon?s eyes widened. He?d seen a lot in his days, but this was new. This was something totally unnatural. Something was indeed happening to the Earth. The Demon turned away in disgust.

?So a tree dissolved, so what?? the Demon sarcastically declared. Before walking any further, he began to think about what he was doing. Zain stared as the demon stood still, concentrating hard on what he was about to do.

?Okay then young one,? Rahk spoke, smiling, ?I will join you on this ?quest?, but is there anything in it for me?? he asked

?What is in it for you?? Zain questioned. ?Isn?t knowing the fact that you saved Earth not payment enough??

The Demon grew irritated. ?Is that payment enough? Hell No! How can I buy food, booze, or even weapons for that matter with ?I saved the Earth?? NONE!? The demon then smiled at his comment.

?Ah what the hell, I?ll join you for free,? the demon spoke, then quickly added, ?but I get all, if any, of the treasure we find along the way.? He stretched out his massive hand toward Zain?s feeble body for a handshake. ?Do we have a deal?? The demon asked.

Zain smiled back at the demon. ?Fine, I have no use for any ?treasure? anyways.? Zain looked and stared at the demon?s hand. ?Are you trying to attack me?? Zain asked the demon.

?No, I just need a handshake to seal the deal. I?ve made deals with others and had to kill to get my half of the deal, ? the demon explained, ?so shake!? he shouted, causing the very ground below the two warriors to tremble.

?Shake?? Zain wondered. He slowly moved his hand closer to the demons. He somewhat remembered this, from a memory that he had of his people from long ago, a memory that he had lost after going into the wild for those long, painful years. Zain grasped the demon?s hand with his own, and shaked hands on the agreement.

?So,? Zain said, ?an alliance is formed.? Before Zain forgot, he asked the demon one final question. ?By the way, what is your name??

The demon looked at Zain. ?Well, if you really must know? it?s Rahk.

With that, Zain and Rahk began to take the first steps of their journey. The journey to find the infection?
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