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Writing Dialogue [PG]-[L]


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[i][A tall, young woman with brunette hair flowing down her shoulders sits in the lounge chair of a cafe talking with a tall, thin young man with short, bleached hair typing on a laptop computer. They begin talking about High School. The man finds a picture of a school trip with the woman and starts a new topic in their conversation.][/i]

?Remember when we were kids??
?Which time??
?That year you had a crush on me.?
?That scared me. It was weird. You were still a friend I didn?t know well.?
?Did you ever like me as more??
?No. Jeez, you beat the crap out of me most of the time! But you got over it, right??
?I never stopped loving you.?
?Yeah. Okay, well, this conversation just got awkward. I?m gonna go get more coffee, you want some??
?Let me kiss you.?
?What!? Why!? No! We have work to do...?
?I know.?
?Oh, for...don?t look at me like that!?
?Like I?ve been looking at you for the last ten years??
?What? What?re you talking about!? You?ve never looked at me like that before!?
?Maybe you just never took the time to really look me in the eye.?
?Of course I look at you! Brown hair, freckles, braces, you?ve had the same features your whole life!?
?Then what color are my eyes.?
?This is stupid. C?mon.?
?Tell me what color my eyes have been my entire life.?
?Okay, so maybe I don?t know what color your eyes are. That?s just a stupid question. Now can I go???
?Your eyes are brown. You got glasses in 10th grade. You?ve always worn cargo pants and water shoes. I know your favorite style of art and the drinks that you hate. I know what bugs you and what makes you feel comfortable. I?m your friend. I always have been. But even friends can torture each other and still go out for coffee.?
?What?s wrong with you! I just....?
?You just don?t know how to deal with someone you care about, but not that way. It?s easy to reject someone you hate. And it?s easy to accept someone you love. You don?t want to hurt me, but I?ve been hurting since the day I looked into your eyes.?
?You?re talking like a juvenile delinquent.?
?Just kiss me dammit.?
?I can?t.?
?Then don?t ever ask me out for coffee. I care about you too much to memorize more of your habits that your children will have in the future, that mine won?t.?
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