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How To Get Sponsored (help please)


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I am interested in going to the International Thespian Festival with my costume rederings in about 1.5 months, and the only problem is I don't have enough funding yet. I doubt seriously I will be able to come up with the full $800 I need, and my drama teacher advises that I find sponsors. I have never attempted to find a sponsor or do business with anyone before, and I don't want to mess it up. Can anyone give me advice on how to be successful in persuading someone to pledge money to my cause? Thanks.
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You can have a cookies and punch social.

Bake some goodies and make some punch and coffee for guests. Invite people whom have the means to donate money. These would be people like your friends parents, church members, teachers, neighbors, co-workers..etc. You can gather them all together and make a speech. Yes, I know, public speaking. Let them all know what you are doing and how their contribution can help make this come true.

Having pictures and information about what the International Thespian Festival is and why you would like to attend is a plus. After you make your speech to the crowd invite them to enjoy your homemade treats and as they are snacking visit with them individually. Answer any questions they may have about what you are doing. Be sure to thank everyone for their time even if they don't donate any money to your cause.

Best of luck to you in raising the money you need!
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