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RPG Dawn of Destinies [PG - L]


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Legends told that whoever could kill the God of Destruction is considered to be the most powerful entity in the entire world. However no one could kill Him and people began accepting their fates to be destroyed when the time comes. Hope in this world has been lost and no one has ever stood up to bring hope again. As time passes by people forgot about that legend and without any idea the profecy is about to come.

However it was once told that there are 6 crystals , once used unitedly it can stop the profecy from happening. However those crystals were lost and never been found. Those crystal were called E-Souls which are separated into Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Darkness.

An academy, named Gaia's Faith Academy, was established to train young men and women in order to protect the world when the time comes. Here students were taught how to fight, use magic, and etc. The Academy is divided into 3 crests which are Sword, Arcane, Faith and each are also divided into sections. In the Sword crest the levels are Swordsman, Knight, Paladin. In Arcane the levels are Mage, Wizard, Sage. In Faith the levels are Acolyte, Priest, Bishop.

The Head Paladin, Head Sage and Head Bishop are strolling through the hall way ,which is located in the garden, After they have reached the Flower Stadium the Head Sage began to talk
Head Sage: I heard there are some promising students who have enrolled this year.
Head Paladin: I know... However that doesn't mean that they could stop the profecy
Head Bishop: Relax... have faith in these children :animesmil
Head Paladin: I hope so...
After that they went into their respective Crests...

OCC: this thread is under renovation...
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