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Writing My First Ever Real life \ Fan Fiction Anime Story [E]

Guest Sergent Bignose

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Guest Sergent Bignose
Hey Everyone this is Sergent Bignose here and I would like everyone here at the OtakuBoards read this fan fiction \ real life anime story and give me some ideas to include in this story because I'm compiling multiple upon multiple animes and videogames alike so please give me some Postive / Negative constructed critism feed.

[CENTER]The Adventures of Stephan McCarte
By: Sergent Bignose
Ratings: "E"
Based off of: Outlaw Star Anime[/CENTER]

Beep Beep Beep?..I look at my alarm clock and its showing 7: 00 Am. I say to myself . ?I wonder what today?s has in store Myself and Nathaniel Stanlenious.? As I wake up hearing the fingers typing on the Keyboard of Nathaniel Standlenious.
?Good Morning, Nathanial, anything came up on our website for customers looking for anyone to help them with a job?? I said with a cheerful smile on my face.
?Yeah some lady wants to meet us at the Welskinhowser Barr, down in Sector Seven, she says that she needs bodyguards and she?ll pay 10,000 dallors for starts.? Said Nathanial with delightful smile.
?Good, Finally a job that pays well!!!? I Said Jumping into the air hitting my head off the ceiling fan. Nathanial and Myself own a Job Business called Standlenious and McCarte? Enterprise where customers will ask us to do things for them and get paid for doing what they need done.
Our motto for our business is ?You name It, We?ll do it? and we also design stuff for customers and they?ll pay us for building it like say someone wants a hover bike they?ll ask us for a price from us, we?ll ask them to supply us with their money for the stuff we?ll need to build the hover bike. Nathaniel and I just happen to build and design our own body suite called ?The Adapter?. This body suite will adapt to any situation that will harm us, for instance say we are going under cover to steal a very valuable artifact that?s is worth thousands of billions of zillions of dollars. Our Suite will make us invisible until we get hit by something that is not ?friendly?, meaning allies.
We live on the Space Colony Nexron V in the year 2554. The Universe we live in is divided in four classes: Pirates, Space Force, Outlaws, Royal. Any body born with special powers either belong with the Space Force or Pirates were as everyone else is born outlaws which can become part of the Pirate or Space Force class.
Nathaniel and Myself, we?re actually outlaws but Nathaniel has Superhuman Smarts but the Space Force underestimated him because they ran tests that he was normal. Nathaniel has Goldish-brown hair with Blue eyes, male gender, Martial Arts built body except half the size of me, He?s 4? 9? weighing at 80 pounds and has super human smarts, power of technology and pure saiyan blood. Saiyan Blood comes from the race of Saiyans. Saiyans are Humans but they have this tale of a monkey that on the night of a full moon they all transform into Giant Gorilla?s or in other words ? A King Kong?. They also have enormous amounts of energy that they can create.
I, Myself have Pearl Black hair, Hazel eyes, are 5? 6? weighing at 145 pounds, Martial Arts Built Body twice the size of Nathaniel, and the thing that throws off everyone that I?m a hermaphrodite showing the male features more than the female features, just to let you know I have some relatives that are actual hermaphrodites. My Special power that the Space Force underestimated the gift of music, this special ability of not just used for making music, but be able to control the sound of my music and have the same blood type as Nathaniel.
So We at our home/office waiting for the time to meet our mystery lady. Then all of a sudden , a lighted light bulb appearing over m head, showing an idea pops into my head.
?Hey Nathan, I have an idea.? I said with an pleased tone.
?Okay, Stephan, what is your brilliant plan?? Said Nathan with confused, twisted look on his face.
?How about we go and train for a while until its time to meet our mystery lady?? I said with my arms crossed over looking proud.
?Sure, let?s go train and use our fighting skills underwater?? Said Nathaniel with light bulb appearing over his head.
?Ok, lets go!? I said jumping with excitement causing an earthquake. So we head out of our place, turn left and went down an ally turned to a blank wall. I said to myself ?what was the password again??
Nathaniel is like ?Hmmmmm??..? woundering what the password I set for I suddenly jumped and said ?OpticalMagicTGAnimisticMarchingDocious? and the wall started to indent itself and fold backwards towards the other walls revealing a hidden stair well down towards tournament like arena-ring. When we go to the bottom in front of the ring, a hologram came up asking for settings. Nathaniel stepped up and made the settings and so a spherical bubble formed start to fill up the whole arena with water into gigantic spherical ball of water. Our suites activated and surrounded our heads giving up gills of a fish and our hands began to transform into the hands of a zorain which is an aquatic creature the has large blade fins on from the base of the your wrist to your elbow on both hands, hands have this strong skin like U going to every finger and a little one from the index finger to your thumb and our feet became flippers. We were then teleported to the ends of the Spherical water ball with a ball in the middle and where we?re swimming diamond shape goals appears so did as scoring board above it and on our wrists had a watch that stated the time left of 3 hrs. and goal points.

So we started a game and the Counter went 3.??2.??1.??.0.??Boom! And the ball was shot up into the air with a very rapid spin on it that was also programmed with an artificial intelligence program so it has its own mind. Nathaniel jutted off with supersonic speed towards the ball as I concentrated on making copies of myself of about 9 and then my copies split off into groups of three?s and two?s around the spherical field and then suddenly Nathaniel looks and realizes that he sees the copies makes it back toward his goal and did the same thing.
One group of mine got the ball and did the triforce attack where one guy in the middle has the ball throws it to the next person, then the next person into an endless cycle causing to make a cyclone effect where the ball is suddenly thrown with such force that it causes an explosion on contact where Nathaniel caught the ball with an energy blast sending it back towards me with twice as much force, where I throw an hydro blast back at it making it stop where I kicked it up into the air, out of the spherical field where I spin myself at a 500 revolutions per minute then Kick the ball towards one copy at the bottom of the spherical field. Where he kicks it towards the middle person where he blasts it with hyper beam blasting the ball through the goal, out of the field and through the wall, outside hitting a hover-truck crashing into a tanker truck causing a fire to erupt. This intensity keeps going for 3 hours ending in a 100 - 99 Victory with Myself winning the game.
So after our game we had lunch which was barbequed pork over rice with soy sauce, steamed carrots, broccolis, with brown sugar and seasoning. Served with a Caesar Salad and Sake?. After lunch we went back to our training arena where we decided to fight each other in fight to death match until one gives up. This time we have the set up in a game of King of the Hill where We are placed in a virtual world where if we died, we would just spawn in a different place in the area we are fighting. The Virtual World Arena we are playing is called Warlock which has mirror-like teleporters and bases all alike as the teleporters are with the area in the Middle where the Hill is located and we have to hold it for 6 hrs. which is where Nathaniel?s and Mine multiplying technique came in for this battle.
I started in the base near a water fall and Nathaniel started underneath the hill, so we fought each other with energy machine guns and pistols, energy swords, Small human machine guns, battle rifles, which is a rifle that shoots bursts of trios of armor-piercing bullets, plus it has a two times zoom scope, pistols, and 12 gauge Shot Guns. He wins the battle by one second in the six hour battle of King of the Hill.
After our Hill game we decided to head out for the Welskinhowser bar in Sector 7 of Nexron V. We got out the training arena turn left into a dead end, but secretly holds A Nissan R92CP Hover Race Car in a navy Blue with red and white specticals appearing towards end of the hover race car. So we get the car drive for about two hours to the Welskinhowser?s Bar because we live in Sector Five and the Bar is in Sector Seven which is a two hour drive.
We arrive there and Trupe?, Mr Welskinhowser Son, is working tonight and he says to me that there is a woman here to see me by the Name of Stephanie Sempron. Stephanie is about Six feet tall with the built of an athletic person with greyish-black hair about B-C cup breast, Green eyes, peach skin and soft as a baby?s bottom.
She says ?So you?re Stephan McCarte? and Nathanial Stanlenious, which I?m going to call you guys Steve and Nathan.? with strong voice
I said ?Yes, that?s is us, you name it we?ll do it.? with excitement
?Alright Here?s a 10,000 bank account with your name and a 10,000 dollar receipt from me, now You two are coming with me out to Sector Two, just north of here, and there is an old farm warehouse, there is a suitcase containing something very special that I can?t let Pirates gets there hands on.? Said Stephanie
Nathaniel with Fear ?P.p.p.p?..Pirates!?!?!? and Stephanie said ?Yes, now shut the hell up before you cause a commotion.?
A Guy in a dark corner came out from the shadow saying ? Commotion, you just gotten in yourself a lot of commotion already Malaysia Cunnings.? Pulling a standard Knife with an electromagnetic pulse generating from it from the base of his hand.
?What is he, Nathaniel?? I said to Nathaniel using our telekinetic system in our suite
?His name is Johnny Physcho, He?s Highly wanted criminal cyborg who happens to know Stephanie.? Said Nathaniel using his own suite doing the same thing
?Malaysia!?!? I said with question mark above my head with some sweat coming down my face.
?God damn it, How you know it was me?? Malaysia Said with steam coming out of her ears.
?I overheard that you have a suitcase containing something special in a Farm Warehouse in Sector Two that you can?t let the pirates get there hands on.? said Johnny with a grin of his face
?Ok, well come an get me ,Phsycho!? said Malaysia tempting him with a pat on her buttocks.
?Arrrrrrgh!!!!? said Johnny charging with a knife in a thrust. I jumped out of the way as the cyborg came though. Malaysia Stepped to the side pulled out a 50 volt stunner capable of stunning anything and stabbed Johnny in the side in the Kidneys which is were a battery was stored to extra life support.
?Aaaahhhhhhh!?!?!?!?!?? as Johnny was fried like a bucket of French fries at Burger King and fell to the floor with a loud thud.
?There goes 50,000 dollars for capturing a highly wanted criminal in the city.? Said Nathaniel with a very big sigh.
?You fellas better get going before some Space Force Cops come.? Said Trupe? Malaysia, Nathaniel and Myself rush down a back alley into Nathaniel and My Nissan Race car and floored towards the warehouse.
Will they be able to get there without any trouble. Stay Tune for the Continuation of the Adventures of Stephan McCarte?

Last time on the Adventures of Stephan McCarte?. Our Hero?s were just ambushed at the Welskinhowser Bar and now are on there way to Sector 2 Farm Warehouse.

So we?re driving down the highway to the abandoned Farm warehouse when all of a sudden a explosion coming from the left side of the Nissan R92CP Hover Convertible Race Car nearly tipping us end-over-end Malaysia steadies the car and Nathan and Myself look out from the Rear and saw a group of Pirates coming towards us on their own men, which telling me that those are utility pawns or cannon fodder. The Leader of the group was a very small girl who happens to be about in her 30?s wearing a pink poncho with the Ying-Yang symbol on the front yelling ?Malaysia Cunnings, you?re going to pay for the damage you have done to Johnny Phsycho?
Malaysia says to us ?I didn?t know that Johnny was working for them, I should have know better to ask how did he know where I was going to be, and whom is he working for??
She also said ?These aren?t your ordinary pirates these are the highest ranking pirates in the class, so be where and ready for anything that they?ll through at us.?
Both Nathaniel and Myself Said ?Iye, Iye, Madame? So I take out my trusty Cricket Gun that Nathaniel designed which is the size of Medium size Sharpie marker with a handle for gripping. This compact gun can shoot a invisible blast with so much force that it will send any person back a football field length, but thanks to Nathaniel for Build our ?Adapt? suites, our suites will also adapt to any weaponry that we pick up or drive such as vehicles, giving us a targeting receptacle.
So I take a careful aim at the little girl in the center of the pact and fired???..
One of the men on the right popped open his gun blade and chanted a spell that puts up a projectile barrier and deflected the crickets gun?s blast but the force from the gun kills him as he chants and protects the other members.
?Fuck!, I forgot that it takes about 2 minute to charge after every shot!? I said after hitting the back of the front seats. Nathan on the other hand has putted up a barrier around our vehicle from they?re projectiles.
?Oh My God!? Said the both of us as the Two Pirates leaders chanted a spell causing a huge flame to spark developing into a sapphire dragon. I myself prepared by firing by second Cricket gun which nocks both the of their men, hanging on for dear life.
We finally arrive at the farm house pulled the car up towards the back of the building and rushed into area of the suitcase.
Malaysia said ?I?m gonna go and get my ship to come in which is going to take exactly 30 minutes while you guys open the suitcase.?
I said ?Okay,? and Nathaniel Said ?Now go you don?t have much time before the get here.? She was already gone but there was a password and a message in the gravel stating: ?Password: 09827154 Message: Enter code for Sequence intiating.?
Now Nathaniel type in the code and the suitcase began to release gas pressure and opened to a beautiful naked peach skin girl and a nice C- cup breast, baby soft skin, and Midnight Black hair all curled up in a ball.
The Suitcase Said: ?dehibernating sequence committed, Personel will wake in 1500 seconds.?
?Which is exactly 25 minutes!? Said Nathaniel with a dropped jaw. I said to him ?30 minutes is when Malaysia will be back with her ship rescuing us from the priates, which Reminds me, where the bloody hell are they?? Then all of a sudden a bomb explodes just outside the farm warehouse about 50 yards way. Causing a flash fire to occur causing a huge fire dragon to appear and shooting balls of fire around the farm warehouse.

?You just had to open your big mouth didn?t you.? Said Nathaniel with fire in his eyes. ?So now we?re in a tough cookie and no way out.? with energy building.
?I have an idea? Said Stephan with this big grin on his face. ?Give me your cricket gun since mine other on is being charged and we?re going to fire at the base of the fiery beast hopefully killing the guys at the bottom and the beast itself.?
Nathaniel said ?Got it, on three will fire together.?
?Okay?..One???Too???..Threee!!!!!? Said the both of us. The blast was so strong that it sent us through a wall into pile of hey blowing the Fiery Dragon to Oblivion and whatever near it because it left a crater the size of 2 football fields side by side, filling with even more fire.
Then all of a sudden the two leaders came out from the flames, chanting a spell with there utility men gathering around them, causing the crater to create a Salamandra Dragon from the Flames, which our suits soon identify that to kill the beast we need Water and Gravel.
Now I just happen to find a one ton gallon container of water and the gravel is outside. So our suits then a again somehow giving us super strength to move the container into the hole we?re we fired from. Miraculously our cute girl was unharmed didn?t move at all. The Case saying ?300 seconds (5 Minutes) Until dehibernation sequence is completed. ?
I said ?Good, Ten minutes before we can escape get out of here.? Now lets fire our cricket guns both of ours, all four guns into the water container into the gravel. Killing the beast the last of our survivors.?
? On the count of three???.One??..two??..Three!!!!!? another big blast this time sending us both through three brick walls, and making a huge dent in a steel wall, killing the beast and the utility men and killing the elderly leader. Making a huge dust storm appear.
?0 Seconds??Dehibernation sequence committing?.? and the Gas gauges release a huge cloud of steam coming from the suitcase area and the Girl awakens. Both Nathaniel and Myself make there just as she gets up.
The Girl says ?Bioandriod 09827154: Ready for the Galactic Ship 09827154? We are both in shock that of what we are witnessing.
?My God , your beautiful Anna!? I said causing Anna to cry. Nathaniel says ?Oh good job prince charming you made our guest cry. You stupid monkey!? handing a poncho I got from my car nice and soft that the women love.
Anna Said ?You guys are so nice thanks? and Just as she wakes Malaysia in her Space Craft Hundra comes in blasting everything in the area with saying ?Target found.?
I Said ?Well I?ll be a monkey?s uncle its Malaysia, Nice craft!!!?
?No Small talk get in the craft now god damn it she cant take much for of the firing?.come on!!!!? said Malaysia over the intercom of her ship.

We all hurried aboard the craft go on into our set and lifted off. While we were going to my stomach all of a sudden hurled it self and made myself very sick. Which Anna gabs my hand and gives me a mint, a very strong chi chive mint that cures any upset stomach and cure the Spaceflight sickness. And finally after about 24 hrs have gone since we got up this morning we off into space, not coming back for awhile to Nexron V.

Will our Hero?s be captured in space by the Pirates or have they escaped from them for the time being. Stay Tuned for the exciting continuation of the Adventure of Stephan McCarte?.
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