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Request Chrono Crusade Banner Request


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I would greatly appreciate it if someone would be so kind as to create for me a banner containing the characters Chrono and Rosette from the anime Chrono Crusade. I'm not picky because I understand the time and effort it takes to make banners so I do not mind what size it is or what the color, however I would like some text with my username, ashwolf on it. Beg your pardon, I neglected to add a please. Please?

I humbly appologize if this request is not specific enough. If I need to fix it in any way please let me know and I'll edit it asap.

Ah and I probably should add some links so I'm not leaving anybody completely in the dark.

Use of either picture or both(if ya want) is fine or if you discover something better that you wish to do I'm completely open to it.



Thank you all very much for your time.
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I decided to try a few new techniques on these, so I'm sorry if they look strange ^^; If you do choose one of mine, let me know and I'll be more than happy to make a matching avatar.


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Wow! You two are brilliant. I?d give you hugs but then you might think me eccentric. =)

Thank you very much for your time and efforts. Would it be appropriate to use the ava from Jigglyness and the banner from Chikara? =) I really have a hard time deciding. I like what Jigglyness did to the background of her work and yet my eyes are also attracted to the cuteness and the simplicity of Chikara?s (not to mention those spiffy bold letters!).

^^; The lack of matching banner and avatar would indeed suitably reflect my character. I?ll make certain to respectfully place credits in my signature, however if it is not appropriate I won?t protest to making a decision. I?d have to flip a coin then though. ^^;

Again, I thank you both very much. =)
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