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RPG Final Fantasy:Aeris's Resurrection[start]


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Cloud and Tifa are sleeping until Cloud wakes up.

Cloud-That dream again....

Tifa-You ok?


Tifa-.....try to sleep.

Cloud-I can't.I'll be back.

Cloud walks out into the night air wondering......why am I having this dream.

Tifa-You sure you ok?

Cloud-Just needed some fresh air.......
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[color=crimson][i]Red XIII lifts his muzzle into the air. The air in Cosmo Canyon is warm an dry. A strange feeling rushes through him, as if he had been shocked by an electric current. He is puzzled by his sense of uneasiness, but reflects back to his proud heritage. He knows he is capable to defend his home if trouble arises....[/i][/color]
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Tifa-Go back to sleep Cloud.

Cloud-I can't.It ain't the same no more.No dangerous adventures.It's so dull now.

Tifa-I know what you mean.

The next day Cloud goes down to the beach and lays down and falls a sleep because he didn't get any last night.But he soon wakes up.

Shinra soldier-Are you Cloud Strife?

Cloud-What if I am?

Soldier-Your under arrest.

Cloud-For what?

Soldier-For the killing of president Rufus.


Tifa-What's wrong?

Cloud-Stand back Tifa!

Cloud pulls out his sword ready to fight.
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Tifa: *screams as Cloud is being attacked by a Shinra soldier*

Cloud: Tifa run!

Tifa: NO, I wont! *jumps on the soldiers back and knocks him in the back of his head with her elbow. The soldier falls to the ground unconscious.*

Cloud: *stares at her for a moment* I told you to run...

Tifa: What is this all about? And what's the matter with you? You BETTER tell me....
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Cloud-:wow:Put this on.

Cloud hands her his jacket and she puts it on.


Everyone at the beach-:eek: :wow:

Cloud-*whispers*Your naked....looks like the soldier slashed your clothes and they fell off.....

Tifa-Can we leave now?:blush: :o

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*As Cloud trys to cover up Tifa, A large airship drops down, kciking up sand all over the place. The ship hovers over the sand and the side hatch opens up. Cid poaks his head out of the door.*


*Cloud and Tifa run into a ship, both looking somewhat confused.*

Cloud - Cid, what the heck are you doing here?

Cid - Hold on a sec........*Cid gets in the pilots seet of the aircraft and lifts off, kicking up even more sand. He starts to head out towards the ocean. He sets it on auto-pilot and turns his chair towards Cloud.* Ok.... what where you sying?

Tifa - What the heck are you doing here?

Cid - I heard an APB over the redio calling for Cloud's emidiate arrest, alive if possible, dead if necessary. Wanna tell us what the $*#@ is going on Cloud?
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Cloud-I don't know.I want to know how the Shinra came back.Midgar was destroyed......

Tifa-Rufus is dead.

Cloud-I know.

Tifa-I'm confused.

Cloud-Me too.

Cid-Uhhhhhh.Tifa why don't you put some cloths on.*gets smacked*



Cloud-:blulaugh: :laugh:
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Tifa: *flushes and storms off to find some clothes. She looks around the bed area of the airship and finds a yellow tank top and a black skirt. She puts them on and heads back up to the pilot's area.*

Cloud: I suppose that's better.

Tifa: *just frowns at them* It would be my luck to lose my clothes...

Cid: *laughs and Tifa smacks him again*

Tifa: So Cloud, what's going on....have you guys heard anything else?
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Cid - I have no idea. However, I bet I know someone who does.

Cloud - Who?

Cid - Barret. Hes the mayor of North Corel ya know. Maybe something is going down at the old mako factory there.

Tifa - Good idea. Let head to North Corel.

Cid - Right.

*Cid plops down in the pilots seat and rockets the ship off towards North Corel.*
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Cloud-Let's go ta North Corel!

They land at a docking station in North Corel and look out at the huge active town.

Tifa-This place sure has changed!

Cloud-Yeah I know!

Cid-Its not such a dump anymore!

Cloud-Come on.We gotta find Barret.
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Cid - So, how do we find the old man?

Deep Voice from behind - OLD MAN MY *****!

*Cid, Cloud, and Tifa all look behind themselves. A large bearded black man with a suit on stands behind them, his face boiling red.*

Tifa - BARRET!

*Tifa runs up and huges Barret giving him a small peck on the cheek.*

Cloud - :flaming:
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Cloud-:flaming: :mad: :angry3:

Tifa-Oh stop it Cloud!!


Tifa-Stop being a baby!Here..*gives Cloud a long kiss*

Barret-Uhhhhhhhhhhhh......what's up?

Tifa-*stops kissing Cloud*We are gettin the gang together to go and revive Aeris.After here we were gonna go get RedXIII.

Cid-What's up Barret.

Barret-Hey Cid.
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Cid - *Looks at Tifa* :therock: Since when? I thought we where trying to find out what Shinra is doing back.


Cloud - It seems so. Me and Tifa where attacked by some of their soldiers.

Cid - Ya. And we where hoping since your like Mr. Politician now, you would have some info, but apparently not.
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