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Writing Resident Evil: A New Beginning [M-V-S-L]

Guest Zombie Hunter

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Guest Zombie Hunter
[I][U][color=red]Resident Evil: A New Beginning[/U][/I][/color]

Chapter One

[color=darkorchid]As the rain slowly falls from the darkened blue sky, we see a Volkswagen driving towards a dirt road as it goes up the gravel path and as it reaches a tall tree at the top of the Hill, it stops.. There are two men, two cops it looks like, and one man in the back.. His name is Leon S. Kennedy, a member of the former S.T.A.R.S Team, from awhile back, as Leon looks out of the window, slightly dirty and very dusty window, as the rain washes most of the grit away. The two men in the Driver and Passenger side turn to Leon and say [color=blue]"Leon, are you ready to fulfill the President's order?"[/color] Leon nods in agreement and says "Yes, Gentlemen, if you will, I have to go now..".

The two men unlock Leon's back door by pressing a button on their control panel, as Leon is dressed clad in his brown bomber jacket, slightly baggy blue jeans, black fingerless gloves and his black boots. Leon has his gun holstered into his side, as the two men wait for him to see if he will need back up. Leon continues up a yard, with a brown Cabin in the middle, lots of trees. Leon walks up the creaky, dirt-filled steps and walks inside of the Cabin, as the door was practically open for him. He walks in and notices a man, or what he thought was a man.. Leon walks up to this person, as the man is poking down a flame in his fireplace as Leon pulls out a picture of the President's Daughter, Ashley. He taps the guy's shoulder as Leon asks the man, [color=blue]"E..Excuse me, sir? Have you seen this girl? Sir? Hello?"[/color] The man turns around, facing Leon, as the man snarls and swipes an Axe from the floor and tries to slice Leon in half with the Axe! Leon steps back and pulls out his holstered gun and shoots the man dead in the center of his head, killing him. Leon walks over to the lifeless body as he notices the man isn't human at all..

Leon hears the sound of a truck, as he runs towards the Cabin's windows and looks out, as he sees more men, much like the one he had just killed, drive straight into the Volkswagon that brought Leon here, as there is a big explosion! Leon can't believe his eyes as this is very strange! Leon gets an important call on his walkie talki from Hunnigan, a female official from the Police Force, as she is the cut short by static as Leon squinches his eyes and throws the communicator down on the ground as he notices something glimmering from the corner of his eye.. Bullet Clips! Leon grabs the rounds and says, [color=blue]"Wow, wherever I am, it is FAR from home and I better get moving before more of those -things- come after me!"[/color]

Leon notices a flight of stairs in the Cabin as he runs to them, going up the stairs, and he sees two windows.. One for the roof and one with no safety railing or anything. Leon thinks first, steps back a bit, and runs for the window without any railing at full force, breaking through the glass with his shoulder, as he rolls on the ground to avoid damage. He notices a woman and three men with hatchets and knives as he pulls out his gun and shoots the woman five times, rupturing her movement, as one man gets closer and swings his hatchet, as Leon ducks and trips the old farmer, as Leon aims the gun down and shoots the farmer between the eyes as Leon notices two more coming from behind, running quickly at Leon, as Leon grabs one by the shirt and punches him a few times, no effect! Leon pushes him back and does a roundhouse, knocking the guy flat on his back as the second person grabs Leon from behind, in a reverse bearhug position as Leon puts his feet up to a tree and kicks back, knocking them both down as Leon drops his gun! Leon quickly crawls to it as the second person has Leon's feet, just about to bite, as Leon shoots the person in the crown of his head, killing him. The one person that was knocked down is quickly back up, knife in hand, as he swipes at our hero, Leon, and misses! Leon grabs the person's hand this time and breaks it, causing the fingers to fall limber, as the person groans and begins to run as leon shoots the person's leg, causing him to slow his movement, as Leon refills his gun with the clip he found earlier, as he shoots the person dead in the eye, causing the dead head to fall down, flat!

Leon continues up as he notices a sign that reads [color=green]"Welcome Tourist, to Dead Man's Float: Enjoy Your Visit!"[/color] as Leon shakes his head in disgust and says,[color=blue]"Man, I KNOW those damn monsters, zombies or whatever the hell they are, are not human whatsoever! Where the hell am I anyway? Dead Man's Float? I thought this place was only myth... Whoa! What the-"[/color] Leon says, moving behind a tree trying to be undetected by the lifeless creatures, pulling his Binoculars out quickly, as he notices some more dead farmers and their wives doing yard work, trying to live, as they have the two men from the Volkswagen tied to a pole, being burnt by flames, as they are dead.... Leon lowers the binculars, puts his head down, hand over eyes, as he can't believe the actions of these people. Leon stands in disgust and holds back his tears as he is on a mission he thought he would actually live through.. This has turned into a mission completely unexpected....[/color]

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