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RPG Dragonball: Saiyan wars (play)

Lord Sephiroth

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I posted this on the sign up instead of on this so i'm gonna post it again. Oh yeah and i didn't get teleported to the batle field yet
It was three days until Gohan's birthday. He couldn't wait until he was eighteen. It wasn't so much the birthday that he was looking forward to it was the fact that he was only allowed to fight in a war when he was eighteen due to the fact that he was royalty. He decided to go and try out the new saiyan invention called the gravity chamber. This invention can change the amount of gravity in the room for harder training conditions. (It was a marvellous invention for those people back in the olden days ) Gohan enters the gravity chamber.

Gohan: *thinks* It doesn't look much, but never judge a book bye it's cover. I better try this thing out.

He turns the gravity up to 10 times the normal gravity of planet Vegeta. It is very hard to move and he tries to fly but he fails miserably.

Gohan: *thinks* This is good. i like a challenge

He starts running around just to get used to the gravity on the floor. Once he is used to it he starts flying around and doing flips acroos the floor. He then get's some weights and starts doing bench- press.

Two hours later

Gohan: 999,997 , 999,998 , 999,999 , 1,000,000. That's enough training for this morning. I'm going to have a shower then go and get some breakfast. He shuts the gravity machine down and then heads for the dining room to join his uncle, auntie and cousin for breakfast.

Gohan's new power level: 6000
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-as the war wages on gotei, sits alone on a far off mountain top meditating! wondering if this is how his parents died all those years ago. then in a explosion of pure rage gotei charges up!-

gotei- MOTHER, FATHER, I WILL NOT DIE! I WILL LIVE ON IN UR NAME! *crimson light blast through his )V( symbol*

-destroys mountain top and goes to meet Li on the battle field-

new power level: 5500!
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Gohan sits at the long table with all of the royal family awaiting his breakfast.

King Vegeta: Well young Gohan. In a few days you will be able to fight for your planet in it's time of need. I'm sure you will do us all proud.

Gohan: I will try my best uncle. I will not let this planet down. I will train extremely hard for the next three days and then join my friends and co-warriors out on the battle field.

The breakfast buffet comes in and Gohan quickly grabs all the food he needs quickly eats it and then he goes back to the gravity chamber. He turns the gravity up to 20times the gravity now but he can hardly walk. He is about to be crushed to the floor when he releases a quick burst of energy and he is able to fly around with ease.

Gohan: This is to easy already! I must turn it up.

He turns the gravity up to 30 times gravity and he then starts more training until hours later where he goes to his sleeping quarters. Instead of sleeping he does the next best thing. He meditates. This also has a remarkable affect on his power level by making it rise dramatically.

Gohan's new power level: 10,000
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Shoushi Kirono stands alone in a field covered with wild yellow and blue flowers. Using a technique he learnt as a child, he envelops himself in a sort of force field. When doing this, he is able to simulate Different Gravity conditions. He begins by changing the gravity to 3 X normal.

Shoushi - I must be strong, 3 X will never be enough

He re-adjusts to 10 X and has major difficulties in moving.


With that self assurance, he begins running as well as he could around the inside of his force filed. After about 5 hours, he was able to move with ease and no longer felt like he was getting anywhere with his training and upped the gravity to 15 X. Like the first time at 10 X , this was difficult but Shoushi stuck with it and finished that day training at 15 X gravity

Shoushi - Not a bad days work. Now for a rest, tomorrow will bring many hardships I sense

Shoushi's old power level 3500

Shoushi's new power level 7000
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