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Request Jigglypuff Signature


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Its not that I dont like this one I have right now, but it looks kinda...blech. I want something better, something kinda like my Kirby avatar (again thanks for the avy)


-Dimensions: 400 X 100 Pixels (Or whatever looks like a good size for the picture, not too big or too small.)
-Stock/Render: [URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/8d/Art-Jigglypuff.png]Clicky Clicky[/URL]
-Backround: Preferably a Pink and White color that match the picture, and that the colors swirl around each other and look good.
-Text: Wall of Pain
-Font: Small font, around 8-10. Black outline with white lettering on the right hand bottom corner of the signature.
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